Why is Instagram so popular? The reason for the craze

Social media today is becoming an integral part of people’s life. Earlier social media was popular only among the young generation, but today you can find people of every age group on social media.However, the majority of active users are youngsters only. Social media has been in existence since more than a decade, but if you examine closely, you will notice that the number of social media users has grown to a remarkable extent as compared to a decade before and the numbers are just multiplying. Have you ever thought why is social media making its significance in people’s lives?And why is the craze for social media growing day by day?

Here are some of the reasons which will answer these questions.

Adding up in the crowd: Anyone whom you meet today and you come to know that they are not on social media you will obviously find it weird and would be judgmental about that person. Not being on social media today is considered as old fashion or odd.This is the reason why some people join social media to prove themselves as the modern and just join the crowd and follow whatever trending things are done on social media.

Competition of the likes: believe it or not somewhere or the other people on social media are always hungry for likes and there is a silent competition between the social media users on who gets how much likes on their posts. Some people even post fake thing and exaggerate things to grab people’s attention and likes on social media.

Freedom of saying/posting anything: every user can post anything on their wall or timeline and also gives people to comment on what they think about others. This freedom gives people the liberty to post their thoughts, feelings, and views openly which they cannot generally express face to face. Some surveys state that some youngsters spend more time on the conversation on social media rather than real life conversations.

Feeding up to self-glorification: social media has become a place where people post their achievements, travel photos,routine images, informative posts, etc. The growing likes on these posts make the users feel confident,famous and glorified at the same time. Apart from this the comments positive comments makes them feel more special which makes them post stuff regularly.

You can find anything on social media today: no matter what you are looking for you can find anything from a needle to a branded bag on social media. All leading brands update their business pages regularly. Apart from this, you can join groups on social media which belongs to like-minded people. This gives the opportunity to users to know more about their area of interest and socialize with people all around the globe.

Reasons for Instagram’s increasing popularity

Meets the social needs of users:

Instagram today has millions of active users. This is the reason why socializing on Instagram is so preferred. You can literally find anything on Instagram today be it shopping,educational courses, art, entertainment, etc. All these activities can be done on one platform itself! What else do you want?This is one of the reasons why Instagram has become popular lately.

Satisfies the perfection factor:

Instagram is known as the perfect social media application as almost all the photos posted are just picture perfect! Instagram gives its users various tools to beautify themselves and other sticker options to define their photographs. This makes everything on Instagram perfect, and the hidden human desire of looking perfect is satisfied through Instagram.

A fame gaining tool:

Yes, Instagram is considered a fame gaining tool due to its exceptional features.Every celebrity has an Instagram account today with millions of followers from around the globe. The fame factor of an actor or a user is calculated from the number of followers he or she has. It was reported that Instagram has 1 billion active users and which such an enormous crowd of users it is definitely a platform which will help you get fame.

A platform for marketing and promoting business:

Not only the celebrities but all the leading brands in the market today have their Instagram page, and they maintain it regularly. Having a business page on Instagram is a mandatory part of advertising and marketing for all brands today.As mentioned earlier with millions of active users it is a very potent platform for brands to market their products and services which is the reason why they consider using Instagram really important from brand advertising and promotion. Various professionals have mastered social media marketing strategies and provide services to big brands in the market. Leading brands spend a huge amount of paid advertising on social media every year.

Easy to use:

Instagram is very easy to use, andit provides its users with various other tools to improve their post. No tools on Instagram are complex or time-consuming. Also, Instagram is visually appealing which keeps the users stuck to Instagram for a longer time as compared to other applications.

Safe and secure:

Mainly one of the reasons why people prefer Instagram is that it is really safe to use and the personal data is secured.Instagram gives you many options and settings to keep your post or account private. You can also filter the audience who can view or comment on your post. Apart from this no one can share your post or repost it without your permission. Other social media apps lack these securities to a certain extent. However, continuous improvements are going on in the same.

Apart from this, there are several other reasons why Instagram is gaining popularity, one of the reasons is that it has now become a digital platform for both business and fame.

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