How to Choose a Good SEO Service Provider Based on their Work?

The best practices in SEO start with White Hat SEO, and the sooner you realise this, the better you will be reaping the benefits of SEO on your website. Before turning to SEO service providers for solutions and packages, you must educate yourself a little about such basic facts. This will simply prepare you to go through website performance reports, link building reports, and realise what your service provider is actuallydoing.

The three methodologies of SEO

SEO or search engine optimisation is practised under three different streams or methods. And every method has its own fan following for many reasons. The streams are White Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO, and Black Hat SEO. The methods are named so based on the practice and ideologies put behind them.Principles of White Hat and Black Hat totally go into different directions, and Grey Hat combines some features of both.

White Hat SEO- White Hat SEO is based on natural or organic ways. Hence, it’s also said the other way around that Organic SEO is based on White Hat SEO. In this method, links are built for optimisation in the most natural looking way, at reputed web pages or locations, and reasonable natural looking amounts of links are only made with high quality each day. The content which supports the inbound links is given high quality and importance.This form of SEO is done to achieve promising long-term results which show the effect of time.

Black Hat SEO- Black Hat SEO is that form of SEO, where huge numbers of links are built tactfully within a short time frame to help search engine spiders index the website too quickly. This, in fact, support over promotional techniques, and robotic software packages are used in making of links. And too many links are formed during this process, the lion’s share of which are not even the modest quality, and often in some time they get deleted thereby nullifying more than half of the effort. This practice involves risk factors. If the website is marked overpromoting itself, then Google may penalise it seriously. Thesite will lose its position and rank, and may even be secluded from search results.

Grey Hat SEO- Grey Hat SEO is that form of SEO, which combines some rules of White Hat, and many Black Hat rules, and makes a combination of ethical and tactful practices. Many SEO experts prefer this combination where a little unethical attempt makes the thing work faster and yet avoid over promotional nature. This basically uses the good of White Hat and the tricks of Black Hat for improved results.

Ask your SEO service provider about their work methodology

You must talk to your SEO service provider about their work methodology. What form of SEO they are using, and how soon or late they expect to give you results, should be the point of discussion. Here, you must clarify your expectations for them,so that you may understand their standpoint about your site’s promotional and optimisation plansaccordingly.

Organic SEO goes the longest way

Website optimisation before the search engine is not a one-day game, or just a short time play unless it’s a promotional website like an event or movie, or quick sale etc. in case of a normal website, the need for optimisation and visibility stays forever. Hence there no risks can be afforded. You must play it the right way with ethics. And only Organic SEO can help you stay clean and go a long way.

But if you have a website which needs a viral promotion in a day or two, and you don’t bother about the future of the domain, then you may go for a viral SEO using Black hat techniques. Your SEO service provider will do the needful for that too as per your requirements.

Set the right expectations

When it’s about the website’s popularity and visibility, then expectations should be set the right way from both sides. While you should tell your needs clearly to the SEO expert, the expert also must set realistic expectations before you. A clear talking at the beginning leaves no room for over expectations or disappointments.

Compare packages and reputation

This is very important that you compare SEO packages and service providers’ reputations before finalising with one. Many service providers are there with lucrative and tempting packages, and you must compare through them. Also, not all of them have a good reputation or dependable status. Hence, you will have to see to it, that you choose the best in terms of customer satisfaction and reviews and cost-effectiveness.

How to deal the first time with an SEO company

If you are trying an SEO service for the first time, then instead of going for along-term package initially, you may choose a small short package. This will give you time to see their service, judge, and thenextend the term. Else you always have the option to move out and seek another service provider at the end of the contract. Onceyou feel comfortable and satisfied with a company, and see positiveresults for your site’s visibility, you may then gradually lengthen the period of service, and finally, build long-term contracts or relations with the company.


SEO services are many, and their methods vary. Some would work sticking to ethical principles, while some would serve anything for the client satisfaction. And again, some companies would mix and match things to experiment. You need to find out one that suits your e-commerce purpose or site’s purpose. Depending on the site type, purpose of site etc., the need for SEO practices can vary. And determining a good service provider and their package certainly depends on how good you understand the website’s visibility needs. Your choice of the SEO service would soon reflect in your website’s visibility and SERP position to help you analyse things better.

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