Analyzing the Process of Pay Per Click Landing Page Optimization

PPC stands merely for Pay Per Click. If you are giving any advertisement in the form of the webpage or short links, then you will get paid with every click that a user makes on the ad.Optimized Landing Webpage for PPC is one of the methods of digital or internet marketing that is being adopted by startups and the new brands mostly to make their presence felt for a maximum amount.

Advertisers pay a particular amount of fee to the publisher like Google to make their advertisement appear on the websites with every time the user is clicking on their pop up advertisement. These advertisements appeared when the user of a particular browser searched something with a keyword that is related to the ad.

A detailed view on Pay per click

If you are thinking to promote your brand by using this method, then it is critical to learning proper techniques to launch an effective PPC campaign. Even if you are working as an expert in internet marketing, learning the rules of PPC will make you an excellent creator of the landing page that is hyper-specific.

It will literally hone up your marketing skill as you will learn about utilizing the best meaningful search and testing the acceptability of the advertisement among the viewers. To make the most out of PPC, you must create the ad in such a way that it will lead the user to the Optimized Landing Webpage for PPC.

Also in the advertisement, if you manage to garner the visitors’ attention or if the visitor gets impressed then he or she will click on the CTA option. Your visitors will thus become your customer.

Comparing and contrasting PPC and Organic search

In the marketing world, the difference between the paid traffic (generated by PPC) and organic traffic is undeniable. Organic search is the subtle way of selling where visitors know that they are clicking on a promotional ad or a webpage and generating the automated traffic.
Pay per Click, however, is more of an aggressive approach to sell. Pay per click advertisements directly prompts you to click that CTA button and become the customer of that particular brand.

In the organic traffic, the method of selling is not direct. Instead, it will focus mainly on the specifications and features of that particular brand or organization that have given in the advertisements. It will highlight the positive aspects and give you a subtle hint of urging you to become their customers.

So, in the strategic approach, there is an apparent difference between the traffic generated during organic search and traffic generated during the pay per click.

However, if you take the cue from the visitor’s point of view, it is revealed that almost half of the visitors are unable to differentiate between the organic search result and a pay per click advertisement.

And moreover, around 49 percent of the visitors who have clicked the pay per advertisement link is more likely to become customers. But this strategy of gaining your customer will work only if you direct all your audience to the designated page instead of your homepage or some other page.
In this case, transparency is essential. That is because almost 60 percent of the users will click on the PPC deliberately to purchase a product.

Way to run successful PPC

It is an entire futile thing to invest so much money in the advertisement only to get a lesser amount of result. You must, therefore, employ some life hacking tricks in your pay per click strategy, to garner more customers.

• Always pay close attention to the Unique Selling Position, the solution you are ready to offer your customer. Viewers while browsing will search for the topic specific to their query. If you are prepared to provide a service that will solve their query, then you are already winning the race of Optimized Landing Webpage for PPC. So, do stay true to your USP and service to make your customers happy.

• Building the trust of the targeted audience is essential. If you have already exposed your brand in the market sometimes and looking for broader exposure, then add the positive reviews and testimonials of your product. Also, add the recommendations by the experts and the coverage by the media that will reflect the credibility and positive image of your brand.

• Adding a social sharing button will work magic. Nowadays, if you visit any web page for advertisement, you will see that there is a separate section where the visitors and click and share that particular page to the social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and many more. Adding a sharing button to your Pay per Click ad will ensure that satisfied visitors and customers will spread your brand name to their respective social platform.

• Stay true to the keywords and phrases that you are displaying o the search results. The Optimized Landing Webpage for PPC should be almost related to the keywords and phrases that the visitors see on their search result. It will give you an excellent quality score from your visitors, and they will most likely become the customer and avail the deal that youare offering them.

Suppose, if your advertisement displays ‘Attractive Discounts on Electronic Goods’, then it should land on the deals thatyou are offering on available electronic goods only not on the electronic toy cars!

• You need to keep the timing of loading your page as short as possible. Visitors do not have much patience for the advertisement. That is why; it must take maximum two to three seconds to land your page. Or else, you can risk of losing visitors if you a take a long time. Even the USP and the quirky graphics will not work then.

CTA or Call to Action Button is one of the crucial factors in Pay per click advertisements. It is the final gateway that will turn your visitor into a customer. Do work on the interface and functionality of the CTA button. Many genuine products and brands do lose customers because the CTA button leads the visitors a tedious process of filling up a significant amount of information that is unnecessary.

Instead of asking your viewers to fill up great info, keep it short and crisp by asking your visitors to just click with concise necessarydetails. Also, keep in mind not to use vague words to get them submitted which would lead them to unsubscribe at the later stage. Convey your visitors clearly about the exact service they are going to get after clicking on CTA button.

Follow the tricks mentioned above carefully. If you think that you are acing up the PPC, then the motto of writing this article will be fulfilled.

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