8 Best Tools & Resources for Graphic Designers of 2018

Pursuing a career in graphic designing is a prospect more than what meets the eye. It requires a commitment of both time and resources to invest for the future. Without the right tools and resources necessary for a graphic designer of the era, one cannot succeed in this field to its full spectrum. In this article, we have collected a list of 8 gadgets and applications that every graphic designer must have in his/her backpack.

1. Macbook

Macbooks come off a little expensive that the traditional PC or laptop, but promises a higher performance and user-friendly interface than any other machine. With sleek and slim design, elegant aluminum exterior and remarkable colorful display, MacBook is a solution to mobility and easy lightweight backpacking for on the move graphic designers. The OS gives a valued feel to the user and allows a fast and lag free experience while opening browser pages, downloading and uploading files, accessing documents and all sorts of activities for peripherals. With a little extra on the cash, it’s definitely a sound decision for years to come.

2. Adobe Creative Cloud

Second off, we have a software that simply does not know how to disappoint. Adobe Creative Cloud is a fun pack of Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design and a bunch of other helpful applications all served in one feature rich package. For converting ideas into real time projects with the most efficient means possible, this software is the ideal choice for any designer wanting to set foot in the industry. With so much to offer, Adobe Creative Cloud does not come free. You get the latest versions of these apps separately or save the trouble and get all of them within an affordable $50 monthly bundle.

3. Canon Pixma iP8720 Inkjet Printer

Being a designer does not come for granted. While you have to create your graphic designing on digital platforms, there should also be a source to produce them on hard copy. So, if you are looking for a printer that fits your graphic designing needs from all angles, the Canon Pixma iP8720 Inkjet Printer is what you should be having. It’s a professional home and office level printer that supports paper size up to 13x19inches, supreme color results and wireless networking for lab quality output. It delivers an uncompromised print for a much affordable price than most in the market, especially for DSLR pictures. All these traits make the Canon Pixma iP8720 Inkjet Printer a faithful choice to consider.

4. Pixlr

With time, Pixlr has successfully taken its lead among the best image editing apps available online, only because of too many good reasons. It not only allows you to use its highly user-friendly image editor integrated within the browser, but also opens inventory for the best fully optimized mobile and desktop apps a graphic designer can get his hands on. These apps give you all the flexibility you need in terms of features and editing even to the smallest of details. It houses a full library of effects, fonts, and animations for you to explore and use in your projects.

5. Bamboo Stylus Duo

The Bamboo Stylus Duo is no stranger when it comes to graphic designing. Like every designer, routine work calls for a break from the work spot and do some thought gathering with a pen and a notepadfor a change. The Bamboo Stylus Duo is a fine combination of a touch screen compatible stylus and a premium feel pen that slides on every screen surface without causing any electromagnetic disturbance. With this device tagged on your shirt all the time, you no longer need to carry the weight of a notepad or wait for your pen to arrive in a meeting.

6. Dropbox

One of the two most important factors that determine a healthy relationship with your client while undertaking a project is communication and interaction. This means each time you have something of importance to show your clients such as a design draft or a color palette approval, you send your ideas in the easiest and efficient means available. As a Graphic designer in a full-service web development company, you will be working with a lot of files and folders, whether you like it or not, and Dropbox is the perfect solution to your content sharing problems. Dropbox eliminates the delay involved in conventional content sharing tools and helps you keep track of your work through cloud storage. Its drag and drop easily with absolutely no technical knowledge required to use it, making it a must-have for any graphic designer.

7. Rebel T31/EOS 600D

Talking about image quality, the Rebel T31/EOS 600D is the closest you will get for a starter’s pack to explore and express image perfection within your work. Equipped with an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS capable of capturing images with immaculate clarity, your photography does not compromise on resolution even for bigger enlargements or crops. It also comes with other pro camera settings, High ISO scales, well-designed LCD for detecting image results and elegantly calibrated exterior design. All factors considered the Rebel T31/EOS 600D is the perfect DSLR match for entry level graphic designers ready to raise the stakes.

8. Google Charts

To understand several design patterns in greater depths, Google Charts offer a great way pick outlines while providing the means to produce charts especially for clients that demand formatting parameters. It saves the designers time by providing pre-made chart templates, ready to use, from simple line charts to sophisticated hierarchical tree maps. All the charts are robust, compatible on all the browsers.

Final Thoughts

Graphic designing is a challenging field to adjust. Working with congested deadlines, unique client demands, out of the box ideas and lack of resources can be frustrating in this line of work. With these 8 tools and resources, you can not only get the best output from your graphic designing but also yield superior quality than your peers and competitors. After all, the technology exists for our benefit.

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