10 Ways to Get Your WordPress Website Indexed By Google

Every marketing and promotional strategies that the brands incorporate eventually is done so that the site of the brand appears on the very first page of the Google search results when the potential customers search for the relevant keywords. The success of any branding, marketing and optimization strategies is in the appearance of the site in the Google search results page. Therefore, if any organizations like it recruitment Dubai companies are picked by search engines, the next step is the previous mentioned appearance on results page. This is because no sort of traffic will be diverted onto your website in a natural manner. The search engine traffic is the major and all important factor in the visibility of your app.

Basics for search engine visibility:

Any content that you see when you search for a particular keyword phrase has been presented to you by a search spider, as it is called. These work on pure automation to go through various websites and their content and visuals and present the results. These spiders are personalized towards each and every search engine because Google has its own spider, Yahoo its own and vice versa. These search spiders do so by means of crawling basically describing the spiders looking and going through the content of different websites. Thereafter, the indexing takes place. These search spiders are responsible to process your site and then place index it on Google, thus making your site visible.

1. Links to your site help direct traffic

This is very important if you want the search spider to visit your site in a convenient manner. Therefore, the link directs traffic to your site along with the search spiders too. Not only this, but the spiders are able to figure out the quality of your website through the direct backlink provided for your website. For example if the search spiders were looking for websites with the keywords it recruitment Dubai, your link would be convenient for them to visit your website and judge your content.

2. Meta description and Meta tags are necessary

The Meta tags are important elements which are incorporated in the code that belongs to the site such that the search spiders are able to deduce more and more details and information about your website and its content and structure. The addition of a meta description will put it under your meta tag category in the page for your brand. These tags include the directives which are basically there for the benefit of the search spiders.

3. Checking up on important files might help

Important files like the .htaccess should be checked as it is present on your server for this purpose. This file provides you with all the information about handling various search engines and the different browsers too. This file could turn out to be a source that could potentially be problematic for the indexing for your website.

4. Address your queries with Google

There is also a manual method to make Google go through your site during crawling by asking or addressing your queries to Google itself. This would therefore make Google have a look at the pages that have an adverse effect. This would mean that you take a step up and get what you want instead of sitting around and wait for Google to organically reach your slight through crawling which may or may not happen. This process can be helpful in pointing out some issues with your page, thus helping you correct the problems.

5. Specifically check for issues and errors

The indexing for your site might not be working because of some issues and problems with your page. This would therefore cause the search spiders to not be able to process your page in a smooth and convenient manner. Therefore, it would be advisable to check your site for errors once in a while through the use of Google web master tools. If by searching the keywords ‘it recruitment Dubai’, your website doesn’t show up, there might be technical processing problems with your site. There might be error with the link that has been provided to your website.

6. Confirm your domain to Google for indexing

This is important because there are two kinds of names for domains of your site, one being a subdomain with an added www at the start and one without it. Any one of these should be highlighted by you as your preference to Google and the submission of both sites is necessary. This would help your site get indexed and hopefully it would not be the incorrect domain getting indexed. Therefore, one has to put in both domains on web master tools and access both, thus making Google use the same version for crawling and indexing both sites.

7. The site should be submitted to the search engine

If you do not submit your website to the Google search engine, your site would be excluded from the crawling of the search spiders and the indexing by Google. It might be overlooked and organic discovery might never be made. Therefore, Google has to be made aware of your sitemap so that it can index your website at the very moment. This can be done by setting up a Google Web master tools account and adding your preferred domain there itself.

8. Start by the creation of a sitemap to start indexing right away

Before its creation it is important to know that the sitemap actually represents a document that consists of a list of the whole content that your site contains within itself. This is helpful for the search engines as it gives them an overview of your site and provides timeline for updates. These sitemaps are used for the benefit of the search spiders and these are beneficial to your site. If you search for it recruitment Dubai, your site will be visible if you have created a sitemap for the help of the search spiders in discovering your website.

9. Ensure that your hardware is not causing problems

The hardware that is essential to your site might also be one of the reasons for your site not getting indexed. This is because hardware issue could result in reducing the speed of the server for your website or to them not responding at all, thus not allowing the search spiders to index your website. It could also lead to the website disconnecting time and again. Therefore, consider this is an investment with returns and go for a quality hardware to avoid such issues.

10. The content contained in the website should be worth it

The crawling process is all about the content for your site and the websites get indexed depending on the quality of their content. Therefore, the content on your website should be of superior quality so that it leaves a positive impact during the process. For content that is not of the best quality, your website even after being indexed might never be able to make it to the result pages of search engines like Google.

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