What are the Benefits of WordPress Website Development in 2019?

Many blogging platforms came after the 2000s and have gone without leaving traces. However, WordPress is one platform since its inception in 2003 that gave blogging a new identity.

Today, WordPress is a widely preferred open source website development solution, also called as the most popular CMS (Content Management System).

According to internet experts from Yoast, this CMS accounts for more than 40% of websites on the internet. Launching an online business isn’t easy, but WordPress remarkably made it possible.

Here are the list of benefits of WordPress Website Development in 2019, let us explore them one by one below.

What is WordPress?

WordPress which powers one-third of the world’s websites. Not only it covers personal blogging sites, but it also has significant corporations such as Sony, NBC, Time Inc., the New York Post, etc. under its baggage.

A user can easily download and install it for free. In addition to it, with uniquely designed themes, plugins, and features, you can create the best site.

“In 2003, Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg founded the WordPress platform.”

Today, WordPress website development tops the list of website builders and offers the best site-building packages. Similarly, Drupal and Joomla are also used to develop sites and stands 2nd & 3rd in the list of top CMSs.

Furthermore, since WordPress is more cost-effective and user-friendly, it has gained more fame and name.

“In case you have a budget shortage, and you want to be live via your site, then we would suggest using WordPress web development services.”

Not because it ranks first, but because WordPress provides you many benefits during its web application process. To make it simpler for you, we have collected a few reasons why you must choose WordPress to create a website.

Benefit 1: WordPress Is Pocket-Friendly

Previously, websites creation use to cost a leg and arm. But, the website designing and development with WordPress takes less time and money.

Additionally, maintenance expenses on WP are relatively low! As far as hiring a designer concerns, you can create your site easily with WordPress.

Just buy a domain, theme, and kick-off with the development process. Update SEO-friendly content and be ready to get trendy among billions of websites.

Benefit 2: Simple, Realistic & Easy To Use

As a favorite choice of dedicated website developers, WordPress overcame its other competitors like Drupal & Joomla. As it eliminates the need to master HTML, PHP, CSS, and other complicated programming languages, WordPress is more comfortable to use.

While following WordPress website development, you don’t need to be a hardcore programmer/developer.

Make your mind creative and choose from themes & templates, customize the selected design, and put up good content. Also, never forget to get an SSL certificate to make your site HTTPS secure.

WordPress web application development in USA supports all kinds of websites. This is the reason why WordPress earns more money worldwide.

Benefit 3: Flexible & Scalable

Although the CMS WordPress initially use to support blogging and publishing websites, it now also powers other kinds of sites. For example, WordPress now runs e-commerce sites, portfolios, blogs, MNCs sites, business sites, and many more.

If you are planning to start your WordPress website & need a successful low budget developer, then you must search for WordPress Developer Raleigh.

WordPress fulfills every business website requirements and also takes care in lead generation. This CMS is highly flexible and scalable that offers core packages, including primary and premium plans.

Thanks to the WordPress plugins and themes, it is easy to access source files. Therefore, it is highly adaptable and suits well to the changing needs.

“Every month, around 400 million people view WordPress hosted 24 billion pages.”

Benefit 4: WordPress Website Ranks High On Google Search Engine

If your site’s Search Ability is strong, then chances of ranking your website at Google’s first page is high. Since the content on WP sites is purely based on keywords, the ranking factor is mostly affected.

This is the sole reason why WordPress web development services always put a significant focus on content development and auditing.

Along with the variety of tools and plugins, WordPress is SEO-enabled. This is also an additional by default benefit on which you can choose WP as your website builder.

Benefit 5: WordPress & Search Engine Optimization

WordPress is SEO friendly and built websites using simple and constant codes. This makes it an ideal choice for Google indexing. If website design and development are done according to SEO components, then each web page stands a chance to rank higher.

The same goes for the content. To make content SEO healthy, follow the guidelines of Yoast SEO, optimize long-form content, and run active SEO campaigns.

Also, you can use SMI (Social Media Integration) where you share and post content for marketing your website to get more traffic. Lets from a new community and put some fresh SEO strategized content on it.

“Every month, 70 million new posts are made on WordPress websites which are warmly received by the audience. In addition to it, 47 million comments are made on those posts every month.”

Benefit 6: Plugins, Themes & APIs

If you want a fully functional website without doing any coding, then you need to install WP plugins. These plugins help in making a perfect website for you!

If some of the plugins are free, then a few better one exists, but they are paid. Thus, to increase the functionalities of websites on WordPress, you can blindly take the help of plugins.

Even more, the companies offering WordPress web application development in USA can create third party extensions and plugins to boost your site performance. However, third-party material must be first secure, then useful.

Additionally, WordPress offers a great count of fresh and unique looking WordPress designs, and themes. Choose the best one suited to your idea, integrate the theme, use plugins, and develop a fully-functional website to get started online.

The integration of third-party services is impossible with the use of API. But, WordPress gives you the availability of thousands of APIs. In case, if you want to integrate some outside resources to your websites, then use WordPress APIs.

“WordPress is a multilingual website builder or CMS platform which can write in 120 languages.”

Benefit 7: Increased Site Security

Security issues aren’t something new for the WP. It is a very primary criticism which WordPress web designing and development has been facing since 2003. Until a couple of years ago, it was more convinced to have poor security.

But, now this seems to look like a myth because WordPress has dramatically improved its security. Now you can quickly fortify your site security and develop it as a hacking proof site.

As far as other website builders are concerned, today WP has the most robust security; breaching it seems to be no impossible.

Benefit 8: Large Community Support

WordPress is first free and then an open-source development platform that makes it more secure, updated, and accessible. Also, Wp has the largest online community that engages plenty of developers & designers.

WordPress community is the best way to outreach users. You can find every solution to WordPress problems in the community. Also, you can form local user groups and can support each other in business.

Before it gets confusing in web designing and development, fasten your seatbelts for WordPress and start using it for your business purpose.

If you’re looking to get more information on WordPress development & designing, then feel free to ask any query!

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