How to Maintain Company Culture While Working From Home To Improve Productivity

Do remote jobs affect employee productivity? Will your team members be able to complete their projects on time? These are some of the most frequent topics you as a business owner have to discuss with your management team. Some argue that it’s going to be hard to maintain company culture and increase productivity while working from home.

It’s understandable why some business owners are worried about the course of their business. However, if you learn how to apply different methods and techniques, your employees will stay loyal to your company and deliver the best results.

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus outbreak is pushing us to change our routines and adapt to new conditions. But, with a little bit of effort and determination, you can build a company culture that will reach all your employees regardless of their location.

Invest in communication software

A strong collective is what makes the company grow and flourish. Talking to your employees is essential if you want to track their progress and stay informed. It’s easy to establish communication in the workplace. However, remote work makes it a bit more challenging.

That’s why it’s crucial to invest in quality communication platforms that will allow you and your employees to stay in touch and share important updates and ideas. There are numerous free chat platforms on the market, but that is not always the safest option. Invest in end-to-end encrypted solutions that will enable you to share vital information with your employees without worrying about data theft.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to use only one platform to share information and communicate with your team members. Video conferencing software such as Zoom is the best for group meetings. The notion is the best for sharing documentation and notes. Discuss your options with your management team and invest in the software that suits you the most.

Let your employees create their schedules

Forcing a certain schedule and demanding from your employees to work from nine to five is not a good practice. Not all your team members are early birds, and some may even be more productive during the night. As long as they’re delivering good results, it’s not up to you to dictate their schedule.

Remote work allows your employees to finish their work on time without forcing them to wake up early. Let them choose their working hours, and keep track of their work. They will be more than happy to improve their performance and stay loyal to your company if you allow them to change their routine.

Share your values and encourage your employees

Values are a vital part of your company culture. They are the foundation of your organization, which is why you should incorporate them from day one and remind your employees about your goals, mission and plans for the future.

There are various ways to highlight your values. Send a weekly email to all your employees to thank them for the contribution to your company. Remind them how much you appreciate hard work, and give them praise and recognition. It would be good to list your company values on your website so that potential candidates can learn about the dynamics of their future workplace.

Ensure all employees can praise each other and allow them to nominate the most productive co-workers. At the end of the month, award those individuals with a gift card. But don’t forget to remind the rest of your employees that you appreciate their work too. If you encourage them to do better, they will do their best to deliver great results.

Spend quality time together

It’s normal for the members of a strong collective to spend quality time together. You may not be able to take your team members on a three-day trip, but you can show them that they still matter to you. Think about what you used to do for your employees before the pandemic.

If you used to drink coffee together, treat them with coffee pod machines and call for a casual meeting at the end of each week. You can also play games online or organize cooking lessons for the employees who struggle to find the motivation to cook for themselves. Either way, it’s vital to spend quality time together if a strong collective is of great importance to you. Show them that they’re more than employees, and that will increase their productivity and the will to work under these conditions.

Continue to improve remote company culture

After a few months, you will notice how easy it is to motivate your employees to be more productive. However, that doesn’t mean that you should stop improving remote company culture. There are other ways to increase productivity and show your employees how much you appreciate them. Organize regular meetings and feel free to loosen up and add a little bit of humour to your daily conversations. Create a separate chat group where your employees can share useful hacks or jokes, and let them know that they can ask for help if they don’t feel well. Remind your team members of the importance of their work and show empathy if you notice their struggles. That way, your employees will know that they can count on you, which will create even stronger connections and encourage their loyalty.


Remote work comes with a lot of opportunities to make changes and maintain company culture. It’s up to you to decide what you are going to do to increase productivity and encourage your employees. Ensure all your team members have adequate software and equipment to perform their duties from home. Invest in technologies and invite your employees to improve their skills by attending online training and classes. If your team members can work from home, you should consider remote work as an option after the pandemic.

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