Magento Vs WordPress: Which One is Ideal For E-commerce Website Development & Why?

Using a Content Management System will provide you many advantages as a non-developer. Creating blogs and websites become very easy. However, when it comes to building an eCommerce website, most of you get confused in choosing the right one for your web-based business.

Ecommerce business is totally different in nature. The requirements in ecommerce websites entirely vary from a normal website. This is the reason you need to take this decision with care. The entire revenue of the business relies on the shoulders of your website and if anything goes wrong, that can cost you heavily.

You don’t want that to happen right?

Yes, we don’t either, which is why we come up with this post. In this post, we will provide you detailed information about the two most robust and flexible Content Management System which are well suited for eCommerce business website.

So, let’s get you started,

Before we start, I would like to be clear that this comparison is not biased on either side. We will explain the features of WordPress eCommerce plugins and Magento CMS community version (FYI, we will not include any feature of the Enterprise Version of Magento).

First, let’s understand what you want from your eCommerce website,

Expectations from Your Ecommerce Website

Magento is also known to be a juggernaut of eCommerce CMS. This platform is deemed to be highly flexible and full of features that will help you to power up your eCommerce website. In fact, Magento is solely built keeping eCommerce website in mind.

And then there is WordPress. One CMS to rule all business. One can simply build any type of website using WordPress. This is the beauty of WordPress. There are WordPress plugins that act as a platform itself like WooCommerce.

So, you see, there is more than one reason to be confused which platform to choose for your eCommerce website. The best way to free yourself from this confusion is to create a synopsis of what you want in your web-based business. Match the needs with the feature and then choose which platform you will opt for your eCommerce business.

● The Size of Your Website Matters!!!
The size matters when you are planning for something. For a website, it is mandatory. Think about how big the inventory of your eCommerce website will be. The number of SKUs aka Stock Keeping Units will play a decisive role in determining the size of your website. Magento is developed for complex websites with the large product listing. However, WordPress WooCommerce is also providing you easy and unlimited product listing.

● Did You Consider Your Budget?
You are developing an eCommerce website. You don’t want to serve any type of inconvenience to your audience, right? Both of the CMS is, of course, free platforms. But there is a catch!!! Generally, eCommerce websites are subject to being delicate in nature. There are many sensitive and personal information about your customer, you want to keep safe. For that particular task, you will need a dedicated hosting plan. And that plan will cost you few bucks.

● What Is The TAT You Are Looking For?
Turn Around Time is very important in the realm of business. You must be clear about the time period you need to create an eCommerce website for your web-based business. As far as these two platforms are consulted, Magento will take more time than WordPress to develop an eCommerce website. So, now you know the odds and evens of choosing the right platform. Magento takes time because it generally develops complex websites while Woocommerce can actually launch in a single day.

Now, let’s talk about pros of both the CMS. It is important to know what you will be dealing with if you are looking to build a robust eCommerce website.

The Points Favouring WordPress

WordPress actually developed as a blogging platform and yes I know you will say that “We Already Know That”. But it is worth mentioning. Anyways, When the type of websites grew in number, for an eCommerce website, WordPress come up with an elegant solution. That solution was named as WooCommerce. It technically is a WordPress plugin that acts as an eCommerce platform. Let’s have a look at what WordPress WooCommerce have to offer you for your eCommerce business website.

● The Dashboard Is Spontaneous And Well Designed For Every Business
The dashboard of WordPress is the first thing which attracts an average user. They are super easy and you can even guess right that what certain functions will do. As the learning curve increases, you can easily grasp the advanced functionality of WordPress for your eCommerce website.

● There Are Always Plugins For You To Tackle Problems
WordPress always caters a number of third-party plugins that will help you to add all type of features you crave for. I personally think eCommerce business depends a lot on an efficient SEO process and WordPress is well engineered for SEO purposes. There are some powerful SEO plugins that will make your website’s visibility even better.

● The Upgrades Are Always Simple And Fast
Updating WordPress is never a tedious job for a webmaster. You can upgrade this CMS with a mere couple of clicks. Magento is quite typical and expensive when it comes to upgrading it. You always need a developer in order to upgrade your Magento website.

So, these points are the one which keeps the battle favourable to WordPress. Let’s discuss the points that will balance the battle balanced for Magento.

The Points Favouring Magento

In one sentence, Magento is one heck of a Content Management System that is designed for the eCommerce websites. The features and the add-ons give your website functionalities that will make it unmatched. In addition to that, there are certain atrocities such as making the development of your eCommerce website complex. Still, it is worth it. Let’s have a look at the points that will favour Magento to be the choice #1 for your eCommerce business.

● The Browsing Experience Of Your User Will Skyrocket Your Sales
One thing I learned in eCommerce business is the user experience is paramount. Magento eCommerce website will make the browsing experience amazing. They are known for that and if you want to cater better services to your audience, Magento must be your first choice.

● Amazing Addons For Marketing Purposes
Magento will help your eCommerce website to grow emphatically. They have some amazing add-ons that will help your website to enhance their reach. The SEO enhancement is such a child’s play with SEO add-ons in Magento. You will easily rank in the SERPs which will increase the organic traffic of your website.

● A Robust Customer Account Management
Managing customer’s account can be a tedious job for an eCommerce marketer. Not anymore with Magento on your side. You can easily help your customers to choose items for them, store them in their cart, check their order history, and track their current orders. Every feature will be available for you to cater to your customers.

What Is The Final Say???

So, are you still confused which one to choose? If yes, then I would like to articulate a solution for you.

“If you are just starting an E-Commerce website, then you must start the process with WordPress WooCommerce and when you grow gradually, then migrate it to Magento as it is perfect for big and complex eCommerce websites.”

So, how do you like the post? Let me know via comments. If you have some new pointers, I would love to learn from them. Till then, happy developing!!!

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