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Imagination Is Greater than Knowledge

Technically , I am a Web Junkie and I make no apologies . I’m proud to be a Web Junkie ( it’s much more preferable than being any other type of junkie 🙂 . I love to cruise / surf the web ; scouting for impressive Web designs , and web related Art , designers , Illustrations , Fonts , and anything which is art related . I have about a million Websites bookmarked on all 3 of my browsers ( if anyone can imagine this ) and again : I make no apologies. I love my art !

But moreover : I admire great Designers and their limitless imagination . I believe that such individuals have been blessed by a Higher Power and possess something more than the rest of the world populace . Michelangelo , Leonardo da Vinci , Donatello , Botticelli , Caravaggio , Brunelleschi …such brilliant ‘ Masters ‘ whose imagination surpassed that of any mere mortal . Their imagination cannot be reckoned with , as no other artists alive today can emulate and produce such works . Let us not forget and take into consideration that : they produced everything manually ( by hand ) , with no technology at their disposal .

Now again in this present day and age there exist a multitude of CSS Galleries out there in the www. , which feature some of the best web designs & designers out there , I am quite aware of this . However , I recently stumbled upon an exceptionally designed website the other day ( well I have stumbled upon a few , but this one captivated me ) . The design of this Website is simply beyond impressive ( in my humble opinion ) . But what is more impressive is the man behind the website & it’s design , for without the ‘man ‘ the website would not exist . Therefore , I believe this is an exceptionally gifted & multi- talented young man .

Italian Web Design

The Romans were the Builders of Civilizations & Empires ( just as the Greeks were ) . Very few civilizations have been able to emulate what these 2 civilizations have created throughout the pages of history ( although most of the worlds architecture has been replicated using Roman & Greek architecture as a Canvas of Inspiration . However , no one will ever be able to touch , compare or even come close to Roman architecture ( not even the Greeks , I believe ). Besides , all of the great masters were Italian / Roman , and if you care to argue , let us take a look at the : Brancacchi Chapel in Florence , the Duomo of Florence , the Mona Lisa & the Last Supper , the Sistine Chapel , the magnificent statue of David , the Pieta , [ Bellini’s ] Agony in the Garden of Eden , Death of the Virgin , [ Titian’s ] Bacchus & Ariadne , and limitless others whom I cannot list or else this will end up being a ‘novel ‘ and not a blog . My point within this is : Roman art & architecture cannot be superceded by anyone .

This applies to modern day artists based in Italy as well . When I look at a piece of furniture , an item of clothing [ fashion design ] , or simply a work of art such as web design , I immediately know that it is Italian . Yes, the Romans /Italians are indeed a Breed Apart and I believe that there are many out there who cannot deny this fact and will agree with me .

Now, since we have settled this affair – let us move on to a ” New Modern Day Rennaissance Man” & one of the new & up and coming Web Designers who I believe will achieve great recognition outside of Roma Italy , and you should keep a close eye on this very talented young man w/ a unique style .

His name is Diego Valobra , 27 yrs old and with a brilliant future ahead of him . He is exceptionally skilled at a plethora of Web Design Applications , such as :

  • Dreamweaver
  • Illustrator
  • Pothoshop
  • Indesign
  • Fireworks
  • Flash
  • CS3/CS4
  • XHTML 1.0 srtict
  • Css 2.1
  • Actionscript 1.0/2.0
  • XML
  • Javascript
  • PhP

As well as being an exceptionally skilled Artist in the likes of Michelangelo himself ! If you would like to see what I am talking about , all you have to do is just go and have a look for yourself @ : PIROLAB his website , which makes one feel as if they have just entered Heavens waiting area , or as close as one can ever get to the Garden of Eden !.

As per his abilities as an artist , you can go to his PIROLAB Art Website ( by clicking on PIROGRAFIA from the Works Links ) and marvel at his wonderfully magnificent bodies of work .

Personally , I felt that I was in the Museum of Art – with no screaming children and mothers screaming ” Timmy dont touch the Carravagio ! ” , here is a young ‘ Master ‘ at work : PiroGrafia. A brilliant young man with a bright future ahead of him indeed. Now, the next time you need to have a website created , maybe you should consider commissioning this young man to create not a mere Website for your businness or personal Website – but moreover : a true Work of Art . Yes, Imagination is far greater than Knowledge indeed !

Enjoy DIEGO’S site , it will be an unforgettable journey which will remain with you long after you have left it . Even if you do not commission him for your next project , be mindful and Bookmark his site for future reference . Thank you for reading , I will be reviewing more Websites & the Designers behind them . However , the young Talented Mr. Diego Valobra has already made an impact and has left an imprint in my book , and I am certain that he will in yours also once you have viewed his work .

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