Creative Social Media Campaign Ideas for 2020

Are you concerned about the future of your business? You want to expand it and are looking to make the marketing strategies to help you achieve success?

Technology has become intricately involved in all aspects of our life. All actions included in our life uses technology at some point or another, from connecting with a friend to looking for study materials. Commerce has adapted to technology at an increasing pace, and why wouldn’t it? Technology provides immense benefits in all areas of business. Technology can help small businesses to large companies alike. One such use of technology is the use of the internet by businesses and consumers alike.

The internet has contributed immensely to the advent of commerce. It has solved various problems of communication and enhanced it to enable smoother trade. It has also brought about a change in the behaviours of the consumers. There has been a shift in the purchase pattern through which a consumer decides what he will purchase. Now the consumer may or may not ask for references from friends and family because now he has access to innumerable information about whatever he may need and what would suit him the best.

Now the consumer, before making any purchasing decision goes on the internet, makes a detailed query. This query is made irrespective of whatever the product is. The consumer wants the best of everything, so from food to medical services, he checks out multiple sources to understand how well the product might suit him. In this situation, whichever company reaches out to him with the relevant information, the consumer forms a bond of trust with that company.

Social media has become one such medium of communication, which can be used to deliver relevant information to the consumer.
Social media has numerous other uses and advantages. It can also be used as a brilliant way of maintaining customer relations post-purchase. And politely remind them of your brand in fun and non-intrusive ways.

The most significant advantage of social media and internet marketing is the benefits it provides in ratio to its costs. Internet and social marketing are more about being mart than about being just spending money. Be sure that these are here to stay, so it is only wise that you buckle up learn to use them to your best advantage.

It’s time to up your social media game Below are some ideas which you can use in 2020 to stay ahead of the competition:

Content generated by the users:

Social media is about leveraging the benefit of Word of Mouth marketing, and no other kind of content generates more word of mouth buzz than user-generated content. Instead of doing a typical corporate-like content style, if you can get your consumers engaged in the content production process and give them a platform, it will create more lasting impacts on them quickly.

Instagram shopping:

Instagram has come out to be a very popular social media. The businesses have been adapting to it, and continually finding ways to make their marketing across this social media more impactful. To help Instagram has launched a feature in which you can tag physical products from your store and link it to particular landing pages. Companies who deal in fashion, accessories, and cosmetics can individual derive great benefit out of this feature.

Feature your customers:

A consumer when looking to finalize his purchase is reviewing a brand; he or she seems for social proof of the experiences generated by the brand and its products. Based on these social proof, he decides whether he will be purchasing the product or not.

The best way to show this social proof is to feature your customers. When you use Your loyal customers to talk about your products, you can connect to your potential customers more because they can see the very personal experiences derived from your products.

Leverage trending topics:

Leveraging trending topics is a brilliant way of actively participating with people at large. There are numerous ways you can use trending topics as another excuse to connect to your consumers. You make a commentary or participate in forms of comic, blog post or videos.

Curate content:

The consumers have a great hunger for good content. They are searching for it night and day. They are always looking for good sources through which they can consume good content. Anybody who provides them with such or refers to the content which will enrich them forms a great bond with the consumers.

As a company looking for reasons to connect with the consumers, apart from focussing on the creation of original content, you should also concentrate on referring good content from across the world. This is a very cost-effective way to engage with your audience. It is also a brilliant way to use the technique of cross-branding.

Geo filter on Snapchat:

Like Instagram, Snapchat is also a much trending social media. This social media has a very active user base of millennials. Many companies who want to connect to a younger audience, can use Snapchat. To help the companies increase their interaction, Snapchat has enabled the feature of geo-filter. The USP of this filter is that such a particularly unique filter is only available at a particular location. So when a consumer is at such a location, he can use Snapchat to produce content on Snapchat, which will be unique and stand out in his list of friends.

Creating interesting Contests:

Contests are an incredible way to generate engagement and interact with your audiences. Social platforms have enabled various ways in which you can create an interactive contest and encourage your audience to participate. A straightforward example is social polls.

All businesses should focus on organizing contests which can be tailored in multiple ways.
These ideas are presented to you as an example of some innovative ways in which you can use social media to enhance many aspects of your business. Based on these examples, you should tailor make strategies that would suit you better and do even better. Feel free to experiment and try new strategies.

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