Best DVD to Android Software in 2019: Handbrake or WinX DVD Ripper

Do you want to keep your DVDs within your access but at the same time have to clear up occupied space at your room? We understand how torn you are between these two choices. The only viable option left for you is to rip all your favorite DVDs into android. Saving of videos in formats supported by android will enable you to enjoy movies at any time anywhere and further prevent physical damages to the DVDs. Since the android devices do not provide you with DVD drives, converting videos into suitable formats will let you have a relaxing watch on android phones and tablets.

The convenient ripping of DVD videos to Android can be achieved with the use of Handbrake and WinX DVD Ripper. However, the latter has emerged as the number ripper in recent years and holding the same feat in 2019 as well. Although the Handbrake has been around the corner for quite some time, it has been overtaken by the WinX currently. Shortcomings in the Handbrake Ripper have been addressed by the WinX to a considerable extent.

This article will provide you with the steps on how to convert DVD videos to android by using the Handbrake and WinX respectively. It will further underline the reasons that make WinX the best DVD Ripper.

Steps to rip DVD to android using Handbrake

Handbrake rip DVD is the best when it comes to conversion of free and unprotected DVDs to android. However, its scope of application gets limited in case of dealing with copyright protected and encrypted commercial videos. In order to guide you for the converting DVD videos to android, the step by step process has been illustrated below

Step1. Firstly, you are required to download and install the Handbrake software on your computer system. Thereafter, insert the DVD into the drive and open Handbrake application.

Step2. Usually, the software selects the title set on default for non-commercial DVDs. In case you want to convert an entire movie, you should click on the lengthiest title. After that, you will need to browse the “container” to choose either MKV or MP4 format. You certainly have to choose the preset of Android from rest of the options. Move on to select the “Browse” button under “Destination” in which you will save the final format of output. Select on the “Save” option for going to the next step.

Step3. Once you are sure that all the mandatory settings have been fulfilled, press on the “start” for letting DVD ripping to Android supported tablets and phones.

Steps to convert DVDs to android with the use of WinX DVD Ripper

Audiences that hold sufficient knowledge in video converting software prefer WinX DVD Ripper over any other video convertor software.

By following some of the easy steps you can rip all your favorite movies to android devices. The steps have been systematically explained below.

Step1. After proper downloading and installation, open the software of WinX DVD Ripper and select the Disc option for further choosing of dick source that you intend to convert.

Step2. Once you are ensured that the DVD has been imported, you are required to opt for the android device. You select your phone’s or tablet’s name and further proceed to select suitable settings from the readymade list. Alternative way for you is to choose an output format such as DVD to MP4 or DVD to MPEG that are android supported. Would like to know more about output format options provided in platinum edition of WinX? Then click on this link:

Step3. Click on the “Browse” button for selecting an output folder. You can then choose a DVD track that is to be ripped given in the upper corner list. Select the “start” button given in bottom right to start conversion of DVD videos to any Android supported format.

Reasons to choose WinX DVD Ripper in place of any other video convertor

WinX DVD Ripper has proved to be more efficient in video ripping than Handbrake. There is no denying that free version of WinX provides conversion of DVD to various formats such as MPEG, MP4 and WMV, yet ripping to AVI, M4V and MTS options are available in the platinum edition only. On the other hand, the almost outdated Handbrake application facilitates conversion to only two containers of MKV and MP4.

The platinum edition of the WinX DVD Ripper is capable of decrypting complex encryption processes which the Handbrake and Free edition of WinX can never accomplish. It is useful in ripping latest and Disney videos into any output format inclusive of the formats supported by the android. Furthermore, WinX DVD Convertor can rip DVDs that have damages and scratches on the surfaces to your android devices without any trouble.

Its ability of ripping videos at a high hardware accelerating speed makes conversion process faster and lends convenience to the users that rely on this software. Find in detailed facts about the WinX accelerator by clicking on the provided link:

We have another factor to share with you that make WinX a sensational video ripper in the current market. According to users’ feedbacks the application of Handbrake is difficult to use and not suitable for the beginners. On the other hand, the user friendly features of WinX make it popular among the software experts. Moreover, the installation of libdvdcss is mandatory for removing copyright restriction while using Handbrake. Whereas the WinX DVD Ripper allows you to overcome copyright challenges without even requiring extra software download on your android gadgets.

From the above discussion it is crystal clear that WinX DVD Ripper is the winner among all other convertors in the present market. Handbrake software is lagging behind in popularity due to its out dated features that are no competition to advanced WinX software. Therefore, hurry up and grab the exciting giveaway offer provided in this following link: Download the WinX DVD Ripper platinum to experience movie watching on the android tablets and phones.

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