5 Reasons Why WordPress is Always the Best Option for Your Blog

Creating a website has never been easier, thanks to the modern content management systems (CMS). Using the right platform gives you access to features that can simplify the process. However, there are many CMSs, each with its pros and cons.

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of WordPress, and for a good reason. Most CMS users choose it as their platform of choice, which makes WordPress the most popular web platform in the world. In addition, WordPress also supports various e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce product video for the Woo Store because of its flexibility and scalability.

There is a good reason why WordPress manages 35% of the world’s websites. That’s almost five billion WordPress websites worldwide. Here are five main reasons why WordPress is always the best blogging option.

1. Free & Open-Source

WordPress is free software. That means you can download, install, use, and change it according to your needs. You can use it to create any website. For more information, see our article Why is WordPress Free? While the WordPress software itself is free, you need a domain name and website to install it.

A domain name is the address of your website on the Internet. Your users enter it into their browser’s address bar to access their site. Web hosting is the home of your website, where all the files on your website are stored.

2. Scalability

WordPress themes and plugins make building a website more accessible, but these elements are also essential for scalability. For a regular blog, you install a theme, customize it, and then start blogging. The same goes for a company’s website or portfolio.

Themes are usually the backbone of a website. After that, the design is minimal, except for a few color changes, adding logos, and of course, new pages and blog posts.

But from time to time, you find that something new needs to be added to your site. For example, perhaps your customers want to enter an area of ​​your website, or you’ve found that taking a monthly quiz is a great way for customers to interact with your brand. In both cases, the plugin fixes the problem.

For example, many great membership plugins make a part of your site a community. Some of them are free, and for some, you have to pay.

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3. Leader in SEO

The main goal of your blogging website is to make your content visible and easily accessible to potential readers. Everything else visitors need – to communicate with your ideas, register or download, buy – depends on whether they find your website first.

Without excellent SEO, your website will not show up with the best results when potential readers look for content like yours. Unfortunately, this means that there will be no organic traffic to your site. For example, one study found that 45.5% of WordPress websites receive monthly search traffic, compared to 15.1% of Squarespace websites. In addition, five times, many WordPress websites receive at least 100 organic visits per month compared to Squarespace websites.

WordPress offers top-notch free SEO plugins that will help you generate more search traffic, attract more social media visitors, and increase visitor engagement. For example, the Yoast plugin guides you through every step of the SEO process and can automatically rate and suggest improvements for individual websites. And if you or your SEO guru are looking for technical know-how, the open-source WordPress platform allows you to customize, adjust and optimize every element of your website for search.

In contrast, Squarespace does not offer SEO plugins or built-in SEO features. Even worse, they don’t provide the primary SEO option for editing image high tags. (As a unit of the web pages you’re looking for, the high-resolution titles in your images must include keywords.) Wix has an SEO Assistant that provides settings that you can use to optimize for different business niches. However, you can’t customize or optimize your optimization to reflect the unique characteristics of your business.

Square Space and Wix score points in Light Schools. However, unless you are an internet designer, the time it takes to create your first website is not a good measure of the success of your business. It is essential that your website is clearly visible and that it is constantly attracting potential customers. Don’t forget about the powerful SEO knowledge you get from WordPress. It doesn’t matter how fast you build a website if nobody can find it.

4. Widgets and Pages

WordPress widgets are tools you add to your site when you need additional content in the sidebar (usually a column on the right). Because they are standard parts of WordPress, the widgets are also free and very easy to use. Just drag them to the area where you want them to appear in the sidebar.

Pages are another great feature. They can help you get by your blog. For example, you could create an “About Me” page talking about yourself, your blog, and why a visitor should become an avid reader! You can also create a contact page where you fill in all of your contact information, so your readers and followers know how and where to contact you.

5. Easy to Manage

WordPress has an integrated update operating system. This is a great way to update plugins and themes in your WordPress admin panel. WordPress also notifies you when a new version of WordPress is available so you can update your site with the click of a button.

To protect your data from accidents or hacking, you can easily use the WordPress Backup plugin to automatically back up and keep them safe in a remote location. You can also manage your WordPress site with mobile apps.

I could tell you many more reasons, including the flexibility of WordPress (you can even use it to create an online store), but hopefully, this post helped you make your first WordPress blog.


WordPress gives you complete freedom, ownership, and control over your website and content as an open-source software platform. They also make it easy to export your content with the one-click exporter and other built-in tools that you can use to load XML content. Not only can you save your content, media, and images, but you can also back up your themes, plugins, and even your entire database.

The freedom to move your content to another content management system (CMS), move your site to a new WordPress template, or move your entire site to a new hosting service may not seem very important right now. Sounds right but wait until you need it! You will quickly find that complete content control can save you a significant amount of time, effort, and expense.

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