5 Productive Tools to Identify your Target Consumers

Setting up a business is easy. But ensuring an impressive client engagement and retention rate might turn out to be challenging. Unless you know enough about your target consumers or in case you would fail to determine your audience in the first place, all entrepreneurial efforts will go down the drain. In today’s world of rapid digital advancements, it would rather be foolery on your part if you end up ignoring the existence of advanced, digitised tools.

So, why will you fall behind and refrain yourself from harnessing the reach and potential of digitally advanced apps for your business growth and prosperity? Read through the blog, get introduced to these apps and start leveraging their potential to decode and reach your target audience.

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1. Google Analytics

In this era, where analytics play a major role in every business organisation, try out this tool for in-depth insights into target audience metrics and a lot more.

Key Features:
The Google Analytics tool has been designed to turn your predictions and assumptions into solid, well-backed facts.
 The application is dedicated to tracking and reporting website traffic efficiently.
 This, as a result, will help you monitor business growth and understand who your consumers are.
 The dedicated “Audience” tab in Google Analytics lets you sort audience preferences according to“Location”, “Geo Tags”, “Behaviour” and the likes.

2. Facebook Business Page Insights

Talking of the right tools to identify and know more about your target audience, Facebook Business Page Insights is one tool that certainly gets a special mention. It has a couple of features and functionalities that set it apart from the rest.

Key Features:
 This application comes with a dedicated tab named “Fans” tab.
 Clicking on the tab will allow you to conduct a quick survey of your audience and other entities directly associated with customer retention parameters.
 The “Likes” tab lets you monitor the progress of your business posts, ad exposures and where your page “Likes” occurred during a particular point in time.
 The tool also allows users to identify when and where their audience goes online, the various types of engaging content, and audience demographics.

3. Subreddits

An extension of the popular digital forum Reddit, Subreddits comes with a myriad of interesting features and add-ons that will help you keep a tab on consumer interests.

Key Features:
 The tool helps users identify the areas of consumer conversations.
 Besides, it lets you question consumers about their individual preferences, queries and pain points.

4. Cloohawk

This is yet another notable tool that gets a special mention in this context. If you wish to target the right audience base, Cloohawk is the right choice.

Key Features:
 This application lets you manage and control social media marketing essentialities.
 Apart from that, the platform is dedicated to identifying the right growth hacks for your business.
 The app also suggests social media tasks and lets you keep track of audience engagement rate like never before.
 With this app, you get to follow social media influencers and industry leads.
 As a result, it will help you monitor the latest social media trends, stay in constant touch with industry leaders and best practices.
 You get to automate all forms of critical activities associated with the task of monitoring business growth, identifying the target audience and the likes.
 In addition to each of these perks, Cloohawk comes with a myriad of other effective features such as Auto Retweet, Auto Post Trending Stories and Auto Repost.

5. Audiense

Pretty evident from its name, Audiense can provide you with unique consumer insights and engagement reports.

Key Features:
 The app lets you personalise messages for your target audience and send them across successfully.
 The tool is also well known for its ability to gather relevant and latest social media information for all forms of industry trends and audience.
 There are “filter” options available as well. These features allow you to create reports relevant to your target audience, consumer behaviours and other preferences.
 The tool harnesses the potential of machine learning and analyses all connections between a specific segment of audience belonging to your industry niche.

Parting Thoughts,

Let me feel safe to assume that you are now aware of the essential tools that will help you to reach and serve your target consumers with absolute precision. Refer to more such blogs, come up with the right business strategy and stay ahead of the rat race like a pro.


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