5 Best Google Analytics Plugins for your WordPress Website

If you own a website then you better know how difficult it is to grow your traffic. You probably employ several tactics to maximize the impact of each post. Boosting your site traffic is a priority among many WordPress site owners. There are several methods to help you boost a website’s traffic like SEO optimization, building backlinks, creating some high-quality content and much more.

But there is another way to boost your traffic which is cost-free and easy to use that’s called Google Analytics (GA). It is a free and powerful service provided by Google that monitors your website traffic. In this article, we will share the best Google Analytics plugins for better WordPress website development.

1. Google Analytics by MonsterInsights [Price: Free | Premium: $99/ year]

It is one of the most popular Google Analytics plugins for WordPress which has over 2 million active installs. It is also one of the highest rated plugins that offer free and premium versions according to your needs and budget. The plugin allows you to connect your WordPress site with Google Analytics.

All you need to do is get it installed once and activate this plugin which will ask you to enter your Google Analytics tracking code. This immediately turns on tracking not just site visitors but also a variety of downloads and external links from your website, search results and 404 error page alerts. It also pre-loads various filters to help you identify your specific customer base.

The UI throughout the plugin is very simple to utilize and you can easily view your website’s traffic details without even opening the Google Analytics. For those who are more concerned with web server load, this plugin is very lightweight and does not create any extra load on the web server.

Quick Features:
# Easy set-up
# Provides real-time statistics
# Universal and E-commerce tracking
# Ads, file download and link tracking
# Enhances link attribution

Download Here

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2. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP [Price: Free]

It is an open and free source which targets those who have a minimal budget but still needs some in-depth reports. The plugins provide all the data you need right on your WordPress dashboard including sessions, organic searches, page views, bounce rates, locations, pages, referrers traffic, and 404 errors.

You can also customize your analytics by tracking code through options and hooks to collect some advanced data such as custom events and dimensions, downloads, emails, external and affiliate links by identifying fragments. This plugin supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and provides in-depth page and post reports by allowing further segmentation of your analytics data.

Quick Features:
# Provides the real-time number of visitors and traffic source details
# Enhances link attribution
# Tracks any cross-domain
# Supports E-commerce
Download Here

3. WP Statistics [Price: Free]

The plugin is easy to utilize, light-weight and provides full compatibility and solutions associated with Google Analytics right to your WordPress dashboard. This plugin provides the ability to track the traffic coming from big search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and even DuckDuckGo. It also provides support against hashing IP addresses to protect user’s privacy and tracks users based on their GeoIP by country. Addition to this, this plugin can also track the statistics of e-mail and export your collated information through CSV, XML and TSV data.

Quick Features:
# Overviews and provides details of pages including all kinds of data and browser versions
# GeoIP location according to country
# Updates automatically as per the GeoIP database
# Supports against hashing IP addresses
# Emails statistical reports
# Prunes the database of old data automatically
# Exports the data to XML, CSV and TSV files
Download Here

4. Analytify [Price: Free | Premium: $39/ year]

The plugin is a freemium one which makes Google Analytics work simpler. Unlike other plugins, you don’t really need to copy any code manually as it comes with a 1-click authentication process which adds Google Analytics tracking code to your website automatically.

You can also monitor your site stats and gain limited access to report some general features. This does not include tracking features like page views, social media stats, top referrers and much more.
Quick Features:
# One-click authentication
# Social media and real-time stats
# Notifies email messaging
# Supports WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads
Download Here

5. Google Analytics WD [Price: Free | Premium: $30/ year]

This plugin by Web-Dorado is a great one which rapidly adds Google Analytics into your WordPress website and promotes default attributes like analytics reposting, website traffic details, and bounce rate right at your dashboard.

The plugin is freemium where its free version includes page views, top performing pages, centralized dashboard, and comprehensive reports; and Pro version includes E-commerce reports, AdSense as well as AdWords reports, tracking exclusions, alerts, and pushover notifications and much more.

Quick Features:
# Analytics reports on demographics
# Tracks custom dimensions
# Generates E-commerce reports
# Provides AdSense and AdWords reports
# Easily customized
# Before you go…

You need to choose the Google Analytics plugin on what features you need or value the most. If you want to access to high-level statistics on your Dashboard but running on a limited budget, opt for the free plugin Google Analytics Dashboard for WP.
Download Here

Having Google Analytics is a must-have for any organization but going to GA dashboard can often be confusing and cumbersome. Hence, by utilizing a WordPress plugin, you can get all of the info about your website traffic without any additional distractions. You can always test-drive the free versions of these plugins before taking a plunge and upgrade. Keep Learning!

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