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Tired of having all your Online accounts all over the ” www ” ? If so , then this may just be the alternative solution to all your Online Identity & Account problems .Think of Doo Id as your Online Identity Business Card and most viable solution in my humble opinion .

The interface is Beta of course . The set up is as easy as writing an e-mail , so if you know how to write an e-mail , you should not have a problem in setting this up .I like this app- it looks great , professional and instead of having to set up 20 links on your website or blog to your various Online Identities , Websites , Blogs , Youtube , Facebook etc ., accounts – you can just host 1 link : Mia ( just click on my name & see this beautiful app in action ) .

As you can see , I have posted a One Liner Bio description about myself on the ” Profile ” . Once you click on the ” Internet ” tab , you will see all of my other online Identities / Links to them . The “Contact ” tab reveals your Contact Info , although for every submission you do have the choice of whether to ‘ reveal ‘ certain info or to keep it private .
At the set up page , once you have edited all of your info , your links and personal info – you are also given the option of the design of your page ; such as text /link colors , and background .

Please note however that if you choose to set up your own text/link colors the Background theme you choose will become null & void . The background themes are set up with their own set of colors for the text & link colors . You do have the choice of course of Uploading your own background /wallpaper , therefore : the possibilities are literally endless as far as creating your own background , personalizing it and creating something unique and your very own .

As you hover over the labels / buttons on the ” Internet” section , you will see that the cursor is ” ToolTip Enabled” and displays the Information about a particular site you have listed . However : for this to occur you need to provide your RSS feed .

This is a beautiful application and if you dont know about it yet , it’s time to get on the bus – the DooId-Identity-Bus that is . head on over to DooID and begin setting up all of your online Identities in a Beautiful Beta Compact Box and simply ‘Link’ all of your identities up in one place . Now instead of hosting 20-different links /buttons for all of your sites , you can simply just host 1 : DooId . Saves a lot of space , graphics ( of having to host all those png images for all the various social media buttons ) and definitely PAGE LOADING TIME ! ugh , ’nuff said !

Now the next thing which remains is for some graphic designer out there to design a nice DooId Button to host on our page Blogs/ Websites. Which brings us back to square one yea I know – but at least it will be just 1 button and not 40 !

* By the way : You can also customize this nifty little widget in several color variations and implement it on your blog / page , this way , all a visitor needs to do in order to ” contact ” you is click on this , and they can find you on any & all of your social sites .miazoe

* You also can customize this widget for all of your Online E-Mail accounts by copying the code ( once you have finished customizing your widget ) and following the instructions on how to implement it into your E-Mail account so that it shows up on every e-mail you send out . This will represent your Online E-Mail Signature . Nice isn’t it ?


Thanks for reading , hope you have found this article useful & go get your DooId on !

Catch ya all in cyberspace 🙂

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