10 WordPress Plugins for Extending the Features of a WordPress Blog

With the passage of time, blogging has become too common across the globe and that’s because there are various platforms available for people nowadays when it comes to setting up a blog. That means in the last few years we have come a long way as far as communicating with people through digital platforms is concerned.

With its amazing features and superb functionality WordPress.org is one of the most important and powerful platforms for setting up your blog. However, if feel that you still require some more features and want to extend the functionality of your blog you must install WordPress plugins.

That means with the use of WordPress plugins which provide additional features and custom functions you can tailor your blog according to your requirement.You would be glad to know that more than 40000 WordPress plugins are now available to users. When it comes to selecting a plugin for your blog you must think about your requirements in the first place and then go for those which suit your needs.

Here are top-notch WordPress plugins which can be very useful for your blog-

1. Under Construction Page

The best and simplest plugin we found for this job was Under Construction Page. From the second of finishing the installation to having a personalized maintenance page that everyone loved, we needed not more than 5 minutes!

That’s all thanks to the plugin’s user interface that’s designed for an average user. You get to quickly move through few settings tabs that allow you to set up the entire page, without having to know any technical details about it.

Experienced designers have prepared more than twenty themes that dictate the entire look and feel of your page. And you know what? There’s a new theme coming out every 2 weeks! Editing content is quick (done through the default WordPress post editor), and showing social media icons just require you to fill in the URLs. You can easily connect Google Analytics, set the expiration date for your maintenance page, and much more.

Oh, you know what we forgot to mention – the plugin is completely free! Users recognized this and it doesn’t surprise there are more than ten thousand new ones each month.
Download Here

2. SearchWP

This particular WordPress plugin is optimized for the users to quickly enhancing their WordPress search. With its assistance all the content that is accommodated in your sites such as PDFs and shortcode content can be easily searched.
Download Here

3. Tweetmeme Retweet button

The TweetMeme Retweet button is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that’s used by a wide range of renowned brands when it comes to retweeting a page or a post. In short, it helps in popularizing your blog throughout the web.
Download Here

4. FBLikebutton

With the support of FaceBook Like Button which is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, Facebook users can easily connect to your pages which ultimately allow them to share your content or pages for that matter on their accounts. It enables you to configure and display Facebook Like button either before or after your pages or posts. In that way more and more people end up sharing your content on Facebook, which helps in increasing your visibility on search engines.
Download Here

5. The Disqus Comment System

The Disqus Comment System, which helps in simplifying commenting is nothing but a unique tool and service that’s used for web comments as well as discussions. In addition to simplifying commenting it also helps in making it truly interactive as it brings together commenters and websites within a discussion platform. What actually happens is the WordPress comment system is effectively replaced by comments hosted by Disqus.

Some of the important features of the Disqus Comment System include threaded comments, reply by email, notifications, aggregated comments, social mentions, moderation as well as admin tools, spam filtering, and exceptional support for Disqus community widgets etc.
Download Here

6. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

If you want to provide visitors with other important and relevant content associated with the current entry then you must install a WordPress plugin called Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP). That means it helps in displaying all types of custom posts, posts, and pages relevant and related to current entry on your blog. This indicates that Yet Another Related Posts Plugin helps in introducing a wide range of content to the visitors.
Download Here

7. Twitter Tools

If you are really looking forward to integrating social media site Twitter into your WordPress blog nothing can prove to be more helpful than Twitter Tools, which is a highly user-friendly WordPress plugin. Whether it’s about adding a tweet to your blog or posting content on twitter, Twitter Tools is an excellent plugin to carry out these activities.
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8. Contact Form 7

If you have a blog it’s quite important that you allow the visitors to contact you and that can be done easily by installing a plugin called Contact Form 7 and cformsII. With the assistance of Contact Form 7 and cformsII people visiting your blog can easily contact you if in case they have any doubt or want to know more about your services. When it comes to managing multiple forms in your blog Contact Form 7 and cformsII is really helpful in that case.
Download Here

9. WordPress Editorial Calendar

You also need a plugin for organizing your blog perfectly and in that case, WordPress Editorial Calendar is one of the best options for you. It makes it extremely simple for you to view all your posts. In addition to that, it also helps in dragging and dropping the posts whenever requires, which finally helps in managing your blog.
Download Here

Contact Form 7 – Stripe Extension

If you are looking forward to receiving the payments in different currencies or want to develop multiple payment forms with the support of Contact Form 7, then you must go for Contact Form 7 – Stripe Extension plugin. Contact Form 7 – Stripe Extension is also very crucial for you if you want a single post or page to support multiple forms.
Download Here

If you go for the plugins mentioned in this post, you can definitely improve the efficiency of your WordPress blog.

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