WordPress is the Entrepreneur’s Best Friend for Digitizing Signboards and Menu Boards

Digital signage is an excellent not-so-new way of reaching out to customers and potential customers alike. It is indeed a form of silver casting. You can use LCD and LED screens in public places for advertising or informational purposes. Aside from the usual screens and local storage systems, all you need is a computer or a playback device to load the media into the database or the display directly.

Up until now, digital displays were the forte of large enterprises and business organizations only. Gradually hospitals, office builders, airports, train stations and bus stations started adopting digital signage for displaying relevant information. From flight delays and train arrivals to doctor specialties and ongoing training sessions, these display boards are now finding an application of it all. Thanks to the rapid expansion of the digital signage industry and the wide-ranging popularity of the same, the market will likely grow to $24 billion by 2020.

How is WordPress changing the realm of marketing?

Producing more dynamic content as per the requirements of the customers and the growing markets is gradually becoming easy. Digital signage has always allowed real-time changes in the display content. Right now, making these changes is easy as 1-2-3 thanks to WordPress.

WordPress may still be the leading blogging platform and website building platform, but it is also a reliable CMS service that can power all kinds of digital displays. Since its release in 2003, it has been expanding its horizons, and right now it powers over 28.9% of the entire internet. It does power over 14% of the top 100 sites in the world, and that gives it more of a reason to power your Out Of Home display too. Right now, you will find digital signage plug-ins in the WordPress directory. These plug-ins are exclusively for content management for digital displays.

We are sure you are looking for more reasons to get your own content management system for your digital signage. Here are a few advantages you can enjoy if you choose WordPress –

It is extensive

WordPress is a beneficial solution for all kinds of content management needs. You can create new content, store, categorize, tag and display new content in WordPress. It bears a robust infrastructure that supports content curation and expansion.

It is simple

There is possibly no CMS simpler than WordPress. If you ever had a blog on WordPress you surely know how simple it is to upload an image, edit a post or upload a new piece of content. The simple formatting options and easy saving options save you a lot of time and effort. You don’t even have to seek expert help for editing and uploading new content via WordPress.

It is cheap

Enterprise level digital signage programs can be notoriously expensive. On the other hand, WordPress is quite pocket-friendly. Although you may have to pay for the new plug-ins and extensions, most of the features and services are free. When your company has financial constraints, do not think any further than WordPress.

It is dynamic

This CMS is far from the stagnation most free content management systems we come across. Your display can achieve a new look thanks to the flexibility of the templates and the customization support. Your customers will have a unique experience each time they look at your restaurant signs. Be it a simple presentation or a collection of videos, WordPress can easily manage them all with its dynamic nature and flexible infrastructure.

It offers advanced security

Security has only been a recent issue with WordPress sites. However, the patches are already in place. Using a CMS without proper security measures is never a smart move. It can result in a lot of embarrassment at the point of purchase and OOH advertisements. Hackers can easily enter through the backend of these databases and display incriminating content without the owner’s consent. WordPress is the safest bet when it comes to modern CMS options for digital signage.

WordPress depends on URL

It is a smart way to control your site from any device. It is device independent but URL dependent. Automatically, you can log into your account from as many devices as you want. You don’t have lug your laptop around to gain access to your site or database. You can obtain access to your menu board data using any mobile phone or laptop as long as you have your authentication details.

It has a plethora of plug-ins

WordPress comes with a wide array of options for extension of functionalities. It usually comes in the form of plug-ins. You can enhance the properties of your presentation by using one or several plug-ins from the repository. This leading CMS gives you one chance to reach the next level of digital display and OOH advertising. New plug-ins allow inclusion of animations of texts, logos and element blocks in the display. Animations get about many times more views than traditional texts and images.

The key to higher success is the love of simplicity. Your audience needs to see and understand your message within a short span of time. For indoor LCDs, the time limit is still relaxed. For out of home advertisements, the time is the limiting factor. You may even have to send out the complete message in less than 60 seconds. Your target viewer should be able to understand the message and at the same time stay intrigued for more. The simple nature of WordPress along with the multitude of editing options makes it quite suitable for all kinds of digital displays.

On the one hand, digital signage is revolutionizing advertising and marketing, on the other hand, WordPress is changing the way the world looks at digital marketing. It is replacing almost all conventional means of marketing. It is making reaching out to target customers and potential customers much easier with its easy to customize templates, information-rich infrastructures, and budget-friendly nature.

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