What Makes WordPress the Best CMS for SEO

Search engine optimization is a set of tips and tricks to optimize websites for search engine results. Digital marketing guys do a lot of SEO calisthenics every day to get their website placed on the 1-10 pages of all leading search engines. Quickly changing trends of SEO makes it very difficult for digital marketing professionals to ensure a prominent presence of their websites in the SERP of all prominent search engines. So, they look for a web-platform that is easier to optimize. It is none other than WordPress CMS.

Since its introduction back in 2003, WordPress has gone through a lot of changes. You can create all types of websites with this robust and user-friendly CMS. Furthermore, WordPress offers numerous tools that help immensely in your daily SEO workout and gain the desired results. Contemplate a few factors (highlighted here below) that illustrate why WordPress CMS is best for SEO:

1. Availability Of Built-In SEO Features

SEO has many dimensions, such as keyword research and planning, content creation and marketing, on-site/off-site SEO, SMO, Email marketing, etc. If you work manually on all of them, it will take a lot of time to optimize a WordPress site. Hardcore SEO professionals don’t have enough time to accomplish all such assignments. Therefore, they can use WordPress SEO features for the same. Just observe some of them:

A. Ease of Content Creation

Creating SEO optimized and unique content can be a stressful work if the demand is higher and output(delivery of the content) is relatively less. As quality-content is the backbone of all digital marketing activities, meeting the growing appetite for content seems like a daunting task. Do you also face the shortage of quality content very often? If yes, then don’t get dejected as WordPress has a workable solution.

By using WordPress plugins, you can easily create fresh and SEO optimized content for your needs.

B. SEO Friendly URLs

SEO friendly URLs play a significant role in the success of your SEO campaigns. Google prefers websites/web pages with clean URLs when it has to demonstrate results to visitors. It hates websites/ web pages with complicated and messy URLs completely in its SERP. Even visitors consider such pages as SPAM and avoid them on most of the occasions.

Whenever you update your WordPress site with a new content, it automatically generates a default URL for the same. You can add relevant keywords/words/phrases to URLs to make them more authentic and help search engines to display them in search results.

C. Availability Of Appropriate HTML Markup

A sound knowledge of HTML helps individuals to create all types of websites easily. As WordPress is built with PHP, it makes search engine friendly HTML pages. You don’t find such ease in other content management systems.

D. Headings And Title Tags

With WordPress, you don’t need to write HTML tags to create titles and headings. It gives title tag for pages. So, you save lots of precious time while doing on-page SEO.

2. Numerous SEO plugins

Plugins are one of the main reasons why WordPress is popular among both tech and non-tech people. It allows them to add almost all necessary features to WordPress sites & increase their productivity greatly.

To be honest, even hardcore and experienced digital marketing professionals get fed up with the changing tricks of SEO. Newbies always face difficulties in website optimization. But, with WordPress, you don’t need to worry about the website SEO.

WordPress offers numerous SEO plugins. By using them, you can easily optimize WordPress sites for search engines and humans. Those plugins suggest you the right way of doing SEO. It helps to avoid silly mistakes in SEO.

3. Community support

These days, WordPress CMS is used by all leading tech-brands. Apart from this, millions of people around the world use it for personal blogging and other purposes. So, even if you are new to the SEO world, there is a large community of WordPress users that are always ready to assist you with your queries. If that is not sufficient for your needs, a good number of digital marketing companies offer you customized SEO services in exchange for a few bucks only. So, you learn several new SEO tricks in a short time span.

4. A Lifeline For Non-coders

Previously, it was impossible for non-tech persons to create and operate websites. But, now they can run WordPress websites successfully because of the availability of shortcodes, widgets, SEO friendly themes, and plugins. They can create professional and good-looking web pages without writing a single code.

Note: Although you can manage WordPress sites even without any knowledge of different programming languages, even a little command over PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS enables you to manage WP sites like professionals.

5. Facility to Take Your Website To The Mobile Platform

The use of mobile devices for internet browsing is skyrocketing, Google has made it mandatory for all website owners to make their sites responsive to mobile devices. You can easily make mobile friendly WordPress sites. Alternatively, there are many WordPress Plugins using which you can take your site to the mobile platform. Just note that mobile responsiveness is also an important factor considered by Google while determining the ranking and relevancy of websites.

Final Thoughts

From the above-mentioned points, it is crystal-clear that WordPress is the best CMS from SEO point of view. It helps digital marketing individuals to implement SEO practices easily and dominate the digital world.

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