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Guest posting is considered to be an effective way to build quality links which is an important procedure in search engine optimization (SEO) process. It is also an effective way to promote a brand or awareness of it, SEO rankings, and an increase in your website traffic. The opportunities to guest post increase as there are more websites which need good content every day. If you are a web designer, here are some great design websites which need quality guest posts where you can make a good contribution and to give your website more visibility on the web.

1. Activate Media

Activate Media
This website accepts blog posts on specific topics which include web designing, website usability, web trends, SEO, website trend and website conversions. This is a site that is perfect to visit when you are looking for quality content about web design written by popular and expert authors in the field of web designing.

2. TIPSblogger

This website allows guest posting which accepts articles about web design news, blog design, digital inspirations, icons and fonts and photoshop. You will find good articles about these topics from the site and you can contribute great ideas about infographic and blog template designing here too.

3. Mashable

This website specializes in digital media and technology as well as web design. It has about 400 million monthly page views and is a good guest post site to contribute your quality content. Its audience consists of social media enthusiasts, advertising agencies, technology journalists, media influencers and brand marketers.

4. Socialh.com

This site accepts guest post on different topic which includes web designing, search engine optimization, social media, blogging tips, politics, health, sports and travel. You can submit inspirational articles in web designing on the site.

5. Garmahis

This is a website that accepts guest posts for web designing, photography, blog template designs, and project management articles.

6. InspiredMag

The website accepts creative design articles, social media inspiration topics, and other related topics that illustrators, web designers and bloggers will find very helpful in their field of work.

7. UX Booth

UX Booth
Guest posts that are accepted by this site include website and graphic designs for the beginner and intermediate level. Among the categories of topics that you can write about include design research, design strategy, and interaction design as among many others.

8. Digital Technology Blog

Digital Technology Blog
This website accepts guest post articles about digital technology topics which includes WordPress, blogging, tech tutorials, website development and designing and other useful topics that will help bloggers and webmasters to become successful in their endeavor. The site does not accept news articles, though.

9. Boxes and Arrows

The site specializes in accepting guest posts that are related to discussion of designs to include graphic, interaction, business and architecture designing.

10. Pro Blogger

Pro Bloggger
This is a popular blog site for bloggers that also accepts guest posts on topics about blog design and other related content.

11. UX Matters

You can search for many possibilities on the topics about designing to submit as a guest post on this site. This includes information architecture, interaction design, industrial design, visual design and many other related topics.

12. Digital Inspirations

Digital Inspirations
You can write about topics in consumer gadgets and applications designs, personal technology, computer software which people can use in designing websites and other design related subjects.

13. A List Apart

You can explore articles about website designing and development and contribute your own for a guest post. The site focuses more on web standards and best practices for web designing and related topics.

14. SitePoint

The site offers blog posting services for writers who want to share their expertise in website development and designing, website management, web technology, software and other general technology articles.

15. 1st Web Designer

1st Web Designer
If you are web designer, website programmer or a website developer who can write articles about website and technology inspiring articles as well as web designing and tutorials, this is the site where your article will be needed the most.

16. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine
This website is always on the look for writers who can write a guest posting articles that web designers and web developers will find very useful in their field of profession. They specialize on topics about web design, typography, business website designing and inspirational design articles.


This is a social design blog that needs high quality guest posts on photography, photoshop tutorials, all types of website design, SEO, social media and WordPress.

18. Flowing Data

Flowing Data
The site accepts guest post that involves about the topics on visualization, data, statistics, designing and other related contents.

19. Web Designer Aid

The website needs articles that are related to usability, web designing, mobile apps, web apps, CSS3, minimalism, HTML5 and other web designing related articles.

20. Top Design Mag

Top Design Mag
Top Design Mag prefers articles from a guest post that are related to top 10 articles, graphic design, design inspiration, Flash, Photoshop, Vectorial Graphics, web design, print design, design resources, photography and basically anything about designing articles.

21. Hongkiat

You can submit articles related to web designing, technology, website development, inspirational posts, and tutorials as a guest post on this site.

22. Site Sketch 101

Site Sketch 101
The website provides you the opportunity to contribute high quality content about website designing as resources for web designers and developers. You can submit posts on tutorials, content management, theme, graphics and icon designs.

23. WeBlogBetter

This website accepts quality posts for content that will help bloggers improve their blogs better which may include blog designing and developing and website themes and any article that will improve their blog sites.

24. Web Design Booth

Web Design Booth
Guest posts that are accepted by the site include coding techniques and programming, applications or tools for designing WordPress and website designing, SEO, social media, tutorials for web designing and development schemes.

25. Stylish Web Designer

Styllish Web Design
The website is a platform that is primarily for web designers where articles for tutorials, ideas and resources for web designing are needed. You can submit a guest post about articles related to these topics.

26. Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School
You can submit articles for a guest post about digital photography and other useful articles about digital designing. It is in search for articles that are providing tips and guides for photography, designing and photography illustrations.

27. PS Deluxe

PS Deluxe
The website aims to provide high quality articles on website designing, graphic designs and other forms of digital designs that will be helpful for website owners. It accepts inspirational designing articles for a
blog post on the site.

28. Oscar Mini

This is a tech blog site that accepts guest posts about technology articles that include SEO, traffic, web and wap design like PHP and hosting. It also accepts other articles about affiliate marketing, computer related articles and mobile tips.

29. Make Your Ideas Art

Make Your Ideas Art
If you love to write about photography, art and design you can showcase your articles as a guest post on this site. The site caters to the community of web designers and art lovers and would love contributors who have the passion about graphics, art, designing and photograph who can share quality posts about these topics on their website.

30. The Pragmatic Bookshelf

The Pragmatic
You can submit guest posts in topics that you are passionate about which meet the website categories revolving around technology and designing. The categories include agile and mobile programming, agile practices, testing, design and cloud computing and web 2.0+.

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