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It seems that those “Super Talented ” folks over at Web Treats are on a continual creative flow with no end in sight ( hopefully NEVER !) , and within this creative flow of theirs , they have now managed to create and present us with one of the most beautiful WordPress themes out there .

Pamela , along with her Uber Creative team of Professionals over at Web Treats have created one of the most versatile Themes for WordPress , titled appropriately ” Translucence “ [ see Demo here : Translucence Demo ] . As you can see from the Demo , this theme is breath-taking .

It makes one feel as if they have just stepped into a ” High Tech Upscale Italian Home “ or office . It is bright , loads just beautifully – is well structured , definitely super-easy on the eyes, and furthermore : if you would care to look to your upper right hand corner and look at the ” Preview ” button up there , you will notice one more feature which comes along with this uber theme : it has a Theme style Switcher ! and excuse me : not only 1 – but in fact 3 background styles ! Which simply means : if you pull down the little drop down menu ( up there to your right ) you will notice that there are 2 more background styles to choose from and to set the original theme to , which are : Stone , and Wood ; and of course , all 3 themes look absolutely fabulous , which means : you will never tire of this theme with 3 options to choose from every time , and neither will the users who frequent your page for that matter .

Translucence is packed with Features such as :

  • * Custom Admin Options Panel
  • * 3 Skins (Light Blurs, Wood, & Stone)
  • * Tested in all major browsers (includes ie6 transparency)
  • * Widgetized sidebar
  • * Ready for Google Analytics
  • * Feedburner, Facebook and Twitter Integration
  • * Commented CSS files for easy editing
  • * jQuery Drop Down Menu

If you have never heard of or know about WebTreats and their network of Creatives – well then allow me to inform you about them : Web Treats happens to be one of the best Free Online Websites which not only creates some of ‘ Thee Best ‘ Web related content for Web Designers and users of the internet , but moreover : everything this group of creative professionals make and put out there is FREE ! Yes, you read correctly : FREE .

Their other ” Child Sites ” include : Backgrounds MySite MyWay , where you will find an endless source of some of the best backgrounds on the web , all created by Pamela & Associates of course . These are some of the best backgrounds for your Twitter profile , and with all of these styles offered @ Backgrounds , you can have a different one every day of the week !

There is also Textures ( which I had written about in my previous article ) and where you will find some of the very best high quality Textures anywhere ! Web Treats other child site is Icons Etc. , where you will definitely find a vast collection of some of the very best Social Media Buttons available on the web !

These talented folks keep producing some of the best web related resources every other day it seems . They also have a tutorial site Tutorials for all you Photoshop buffs , in which they share their expertise & knowledge on how one can produce some of the awesome effects they do on all of their buttons and backgrounds , so if you dont know about Web Treats , now you do .

For the download to the Translucence theme directly from Web Treats Click on the Download Button below :

I hope you have enjoyed this article and discovering a super talented team of Designers @ Web Treats.


The very talented WordPress 2 Blogger coder/designer Hairezan (a.k.a WPBloggerThemes ) has now converted this super awesome Theme for the Blogger Platform . If you wish to view the Live Demo for the Blogger Platform & Download this beautiful clean minimalistic WP Theme , then please click on the Download Button below to be taken to the Original Download site .

Enjoy this beautiful theme now available for both Platforms.

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