Why Should Web Developers Learn Digital Marketing?

“Inspiration is the most important part of our digital strategy.” – Paull Young

One of the most promising careers today is of a person who specializes in web designing and helping people reach their target audience by doing things right. But, with the sudden boom in the usage of social media platforms, there is now a trend of people capitalizing in digital marketing as well. So, brownie points to all those people who dawn the hat of web development and digital marketing at the same time.

With more and more companies realizing the potential of a good website that incorporates all the digital marketing fads, there is no doubt that there are several advantages for all those who can ace both these arts.

But before we get to understanding the whys of why web developers need to hone their digital marketing skills, let us understand the various digital marketing mediums that dominate the market today. Starting from SEO to other factors such as Google Analytics, Adwords, social media, email marketing and content marketing on the whole. With almost everyone utilizing these social media channels, media marketing is something that one can no longer avoid.

Perks of Acing Web Development and Digital Marketing

High on the demand list:
There was a time when knowing how to develop a website was considered a great find. As and when time evolved the path of digital marketing became one that was the most effective when it came to getting the masses to know about you and your product/service. Today is a time when a person who is great at designing a website and can also master the art of how to optimize the content in a way that more people are drawn to the website is a trait that is high on the demand list. Organizations that are looking to take a step towards global recognition through the medium of the world wide web will have higher chances of hiring someone who knows both website development along with digital marketing. In case you are a champion who knows both these aspects, we are sure that there will be no dearth of opportunities knocking your door.

Better income and growth options:
When you walk in for an interview at the place where you always dreamed of working, you can now negotiate and quote a salary based on your strengths. You will be someone who can make a killer website and along with that, you know all the tricks of the trade to increase the digital footfall and get more people to talk about the purpose that you are working for. And, if after spending all this time doing what you do in your regular job, if you still have the ability to pick up side projects of freelancing, well this just gives you an opportunity to make more.

A backup plan for the rainy day: This may sound a little harsh but what if you end up losing your fixed source of income? As harsh as this may sound, it is something that can not be predicted and avoided. With your talent of web development and digital marketing, you can definitely stay afloat by picking up a number of freelancing projects that can pay you well till the time you find your next source for a regular paycheck.

Helps you get noticed and up to date:
What makes you different from the other thousands of people who are coming for a single job vacancy? In the era of multitasking and versatility, organizations look for candidates who can bring more to the table in terms of task completion. Another thing that boosts your chances of getting recognized is the fact of how up to date you are with the latest trends and changes that are taking place in the world of digital marketing. With these two strengths mentioned in your CV, you are bound to get noticed amongst a sea of people.

Create a new brand YOU:
It is one thing putting all your skills to work and creating a brand for someone else and another thing altogether doing it for yourself. In the future, if you ever decide to work for yourself, you will not need to hire someone else to market and promote you via the digital marketing channel. With knowledge of all this, you can create a brand YOU which will be the best and will have all the ingredients that are needed to make a brand successful and popular.

These are some of the most common reasons why it only makes more sense for a web developer to have a sound knowledge of digital marketing trends.

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