Web Design Trends That Any Business Must Not Ignore

If we talk about a brand, most of the times our first impression is based on their website. The aesthetics and the information on the website speaks a lot about then brand. The more informative and appealing the website is, the more traffic it is going to attract. As the website gets old, it becomes of less importance to its viewers. This results in the decline of the traffic on the website. To maintain the traffic on the website, it becomes important for the website developers to keep the website up- to dated.

A website design said to be effective only if it portrays the customers vision. To attune with the customers vision in an effective manner, the designers keep implementing the latest design trends on their website.

It is 2018, and here are some of the latest web design trends every professional website design company must habituate with.

UI/UX Animations

In the past couple of years, photo content has taken a lead in the market. They narrate the whole story by just a graphic image in a very short spam of time and since the audience do not have so much time to space on one single link, high resolution pictures and bold headers have paved their path to popularity. In fact, in today’s world of internet, the only time span that you have to create an impression on the prospective audience is 0.05 seconds and most of the time, the first impression is the last impression.

Expressive typography

There are two distinct areas of text which defines what the type says, visual language and the verbal language and there is a fine line between the two. Just like the efficiency of the verbal language depends on the presentation, the efficiency of the visual language is conveyed by typography. Sometimes the visual effect of the type is stronger than the words and sometimes the text is more complicated. In both the cases, the impact is totally different on the audience. This difference plays a key role in the world of designing which not everyone, but the professional website design company understands.

The ‘video’ element

This is a known fact that the internet has become more video oriented. The small videos available on the internet are believed to invite almost 80% of the internet traffic. The video elements maybe costlier than any other medium of communication, but the moving imagery creates a much lasting impact on its viewers. Even the GIF format can make the website look more appealing. Websites that are creating a cinematic experience for their audience have the advantage of leaving a mark on the emotions of its viewers. This impact helps in creating user engagement.

High quality content

Most of the time when people are clicking on your website is when they are looking for some information. The kind of content you have on your website has a huge impact on the imagery of your brand. For a professional website design company, providing the prospects with high quality content and proper information is the best way to generate leads and create a name for the brand. If a person visits your website looking for some information and that information proves to be beneficial for them, the person benefited is likely to suggest the website to more people, creating a market base for you.

Using geometric shapes and patterns

The trend of using geometric signs to create an impression emerged a few years back. But this trend has gained more popularity in the web centric world. The familiar shapes and signs on the website help the consumer be more attentive while reading. This helps the visitors read the text inside the geometric wall easily and help create a long-lasting impact on them.

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