Why Utilizing Blank WordPress Themes Is Beneficial For Website Design?

WordPress is transforming the web design and development domain into an interesting realm where individuals’ can set them free to analyze and implement new designing strategies. By introducing new themes every day, the platform is again setting an exceptional example for web developers.

If you are a passionate WordPress user/developer, you must be familiar with different types of themes that work as a base design for a WordPress website. But, do you have any idea about a blank WordPress theme? Let’s us have a deep discussion on these themes.

What Are Blank WordPress Themes?

WordPress templates that are not having anything are blank or naked. These templates are generally based on the BoilerPlate coding standards that are aimed at making a website clean, accurate and also with streamlined content. The major coding standards these blank WordPress themes follow, include CSS and HTML coding. There is a purpose of making the WordPress speedy behind using such markups.

Today, developers’ community is dedicated to developing Blank WordPress themes by meeting all the mandatory criteria. All the themes are good but here, you will be aware of a few most recommended Blank WordPress themes for excellent website design.

List Of The Best Blank WordPress Themes:

1. BootStrap Four

Whenever you want a clean and well-maintained WordPress website design, you should choose no other than BoostStrap 4 blank WordPress theme. This theme is completely based on the BootStrap 4 framework which is quite convenient to understand and implement as an interface. You can build a favorable environment for your website with this theme as it provides the liberty to add features & functionalities as per requirements.

Exceptional Features:
 More than 500 active installs
 Alpha Twitter BootStrap 4 theme
Download Here

2. Naked WordPress

You can consider this theme as the perfect base theme for developing other WP themes. Using this theme will let you know how you can easily create fascinating themes to satisfy website development purpose. The theme comes with a completely informative combo of starter themes and tutorials.

Exceptional Features:

 Responsive style format
 Custom widgets, menu and sidebars
 Full-fledged blog section including comments, tags and domain categories
Download Here

3. Sage

The sage blank theme features elegant design and modern workflow. You can achieve both of these by using this theme as your ideal base theme for website design. The theme allows you to conveniently utilize the modern features an techniques. For example, you can have your website design with Bower which ensures integrating front-end packages with it. This theme also operates on the latest BootStrap version where you will be able to take advantage of the latest features.

Exceptional Features:

 Theme wrapper for template inheritance
 ARIA roles and microformats
 Easy access to front-end packages through Bower
Download Here

4. CyberChimps

The mentioned theme is based on BootStrap and ensures responsiveness in web designs. With the help of this theme, one will be able to design beautiful interface for WordPress website. Ice on the cake is that this blank WordPress theme has drag & drop options that make design and customization process far easier.

Exceptional Features:

 1000+ active installs
 Visible edit links for customizer preview
 HTML responsive theme
Download Here

5. Responsive

Webmasters who desire a website with ultimate grid view layout can count on responsive blank WordPress theme to get the design. The theme is highly powerful and provides a flexible foundation to create grid-based websites. The theme built with responsive features which allows users to access the website on smartphones, laptops, desktops and even tablets clearly. Installing this theme comes with nine-page templates, 11 widgets, six template layouts and four menu positions.

Exceptional Features:

 WooCommerce compatible
 Retina-ready with the fluid grid system
 RTL support

Download Here

6. Blankslate

All the blank WordPress themes provide so many inbuilt options to design a wonderful site. But, isn’t it that developers borrow pieces to assemble the website. In short, there is nothing new or originally developed by them. Blankslate WordPress theme introduced as the minimalist theme which does not contain any kind of visual styles or HTML coding added to the theme. It requires you to create something original on your own end.

Exceptional Features:

 No programmer comments
 Seminified, valid code and unformatted
 CSS reset to inputs
 Cross-browser compatible
Download Here

7. Underscore

This is a free blank WordPress theme and produced by WordPress creators, Automattic. The quality of this theme is that it provides 5 layout templates and all are available with ultra-minimal CSS styles. It also doesn’t support complexities while designing a website.

Exceptional Features:

 Smart starter CSS styling
 An additional feature to get custom header implementation
 Custom template tags to track code duplication
 Ability to modify template functions
Download Here

8. Cornerstone

The theme comes with modern designing options. It proves quite beneficial for developers as it is based on the popular Foundation framework. Installing this theme will facilitate you with custom headers, navigation, sidebars, widgets and locations pre-defined. Developers consider this the best front-end page building tool.

Exceptional Features:

 Design facility without leaving the running page
 Edit stylesheets in a decent manner
 Watch modifications done in real-time

Download Here

Final Thought:

Using a blank WordPress theme as a starter or base theme is quite beneficial to create a good website design for a venture. These themes contain comparatively minimized styling or coding attributes that help them transform their own ideas into an original web composition. You can choose any of the aforementioned blank WordPress theme and start framing a beautiful theme for your future website.

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