How to Use Social Media to Boost Traffic to Your Website

Generating traffic to the website remains one of the biggest challenges for online business owners. Smart entrepreneurs have become conscious that the burgeoning growth of social media represents a great opportunity for them to reach out and tap its potential for new customers by attracting them to their websites. Some of the top ways how you can do this:

Share Your Blog Posts

Leaving the blog posts to languish on your website is a crime when you can very easily share them on various social media platforms on which your business has accounts. By sharing the blog posts, many more people will come to know of them and when they find them useful, they will also share it with their followers, leading to a snowballing effect. The increasing number of website visitors will send out strong signals to the search engines that will then ensure that all the contents of your website are properly and regularly indexed and you will see a boost in your page rankings. It is not necessary that you need to have a fresh blog post every time, you want to share something on social media. Many of your existing blogs can be repurposed and given a new look with the facts and figures updated and shared on different social media in a way that appeals to their users. If you want to boost the engagement rate of your posts, you can buy real Instagram likes from a dependable social media marketing agency.

Post When the Time Is Right

While it is necessary to post regularly on social media so that people don’t forget about you due to the long gaps in between, it is also equally important to publish the posts at the right time when the largest number of your followers will have an opportunity to see them. Posting at random times or even when your followers are busy or sleeping means that they will miss seeing your posts on their feeds. While you can go by third-party surveys regarding the best days and times to post content on social media, the best results are invariably obtained by using analytics tools to find out the details of the behavior of your target audience. Depending on the industry you work in and the time zone your followers live in, you will be able to establish the times when their social media activity is at its peak and you can post accordingly.

Partner with Influencers

It can be difficult trying to increase the volume of your website traffic using only your own social media accounts. An easy way to speed up the process of increasing brand awareness and the number of your website visitors is to collaborate with influencers who have a large number of followers and have the necessary engagement with them to influence their behavior. Depending on your budget, you can identify influencers who will be willing to recommend you products or services. Small businesses may find partnering with micro influencers more worthwhile even if they have a smaller number of followers because they are more influential in your niche.


Social media is extremely versatile and there is a very large choice of platforms. Online business owners should focus their attention on a few networks and tap their potential for generating traffic to their websites rather than spread their budget and energy over a large number of platforms.

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