How to Use Digital Marketing to Transform Your Business

Businesses sense that a strong online presence is important for their brand to flourish, otherwise, the brand would perish like stardust on the behemoth platform of the World Wide Web. For instance, if you search for Apple, the SERP would show all the links related to the iPhone. Not even a single link for the next three-four pages would show an image for the fruit. If some extra-terrestrial would search for an apple, he would get an impression that the fruit got its name from the product!

In 2019, the year when the pandemic hit the world and kept in on the virtual standstill, nearly 192 billion people purchased goods and services through e-commerce websites as per Statista. Therefore, developing your brand online is the only way to survive.

Harness the Might of Social Media

Social media is accessed by most of the millennials. So, this is a place where the business finds its prospective customers. It is estimated that approximately 4 billion people in the world use social media where they spend around 2.30 hours daily on an average.

That is a large user base which needs tapping from a business and marketing perspective by creating novel strategies of efficacious digital marketing.

Online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. could be used to engage the users with the product and brand. It is to be noted that the traditional style of stoic advertising would not do.

These platforms are their virtual social space where they interact and share their experiences informally. Users come here to relax and obviously, they would not want anyone to hinder and talk commerce in their time of leisure unless they have something else to offer.

Social media helps to reach out to the targeted audience that may be interested in the products. Musketeers must identify the diversification of access and follow patterns of the user base to now that. For instance, a luxury brand would get more views on places where people who can afford it hang out.

It has been observed that brands like Lamborghini and BMW do not advertise on newspapers, radio and televisions. They know that only one percent of the total consumers in the world can afford their cars. Therefore, they do their branding at platforms like luxury clubs, resorts, sports events, etc. where their user-base spend time.

Similarly, there is no point for a company to build a strong online reputation for a fashion brand on LinkedIn which is a platform best suited to make connections in white-collar jobs. Facebook or Instagram would be more feasible for it. But, education shares neutral ground everywhere. So, companies can market their services everywhere.

Facebook lets companies create a page. It acts as a catalyst and provides a foundation for people having similar interests. A page can act as a travelogue where people can share anecdotes about their visits along with pictures. Customers show interest in any information with which they can benefit or expand their knowledge. The best way to keep them engaged is by updating them through unique content creation and posts on social media.

As the attention span of users is less than 7 seconds, it is advised to make a meme or funny gifs. Overdoing it with a video filled with ads is going to ruin all the fun. So, beware!

The best thing about digital marketing is that the results started reflecting after some time. Various tools and analytic software are employed to ascertain the success of the efforts. It is all about the vision at the end of the day. Apple did its branding in such a way that the fruit has become a synonym of the brand which should be another way round.

Goods and service providers must try to evolve and create their unique brand value. Copy pasting from the competitor would do more harm than good. Google and other search engines keep on changing their algorithms to eliminate this.
The best thing about digital marketing is that you get the instantaneous feedback from the consumers so that businesses can make necessary changes in their products, unlike traditional marketing where taking feedback is in itself a task. Through online platforms, every review, whether positive or negative could be traced and addressed.

It is like hitting three birds with a stone:-

Digital marketing would save thousands of dollars spent on mass media marketing research that is one way.
Spontaneous feedback helps in updating products as per user demand.

The result of marketing could be traced through various analytics tools like:
Google Analytics
Ahref tool

Digital marketing would help brands to build a symbiotic relationship with the customers. SEO tools could be employed to understand the psychology and behaviour of users. The content must have actual words and phrases through which the user finds queries on Google. This helps users reach out to the brand. Also, the content must be created for a consumer.

For instance, if the company provides the assignment writing help, then they may update sample solutions on their website for students to see and get some help. Reverse psychology always helps.

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