Top 10 UI/UX Design Trends In 2021

Being internet users, we visit hundreds of websites every day, and it is only a few websites that caught our attention because of their unique and eye-catching web design. This shows us how difficult it has become for web designers to stay relevant and creative at the same time while drawing the attention of the users to the site and keeping them engaged for a longer time. As a result, business entrepreneurs have also become more focused on the visual appeal and usability of their websites, to deliver an extraordinary UX/UI experience to their users. But, for this, one of the most important things is to stay updated with the latest and ongoing trends. In this blog post, we have listed down 10 latest UX/UI trends that will be dominating in 2021.

1. Minimalism

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Minimalism is one the latest UX/UI that has remained persistent for many years now; and still, in 2021, we don’t find it going anywhere. There are hundreds of advertisements that we see everyday, including notification and discount ads, etc. And, also come across overwhelming interfaces, when it comes to information. Minimalistic UI/UI is the solution used by web designers these days, to overcome an overwhelming situation like this. By limiting the usage and number of colors; or by using distinctive proportions and compositions, a typical website can be made unique and visually attractive.

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2. Simplified User Experience (UX) Designs

It seems that the year 2021 is going to be more about simple or less complicated user interfaces and web designs; that do not require your users to exhaustive, repetitive actions to get their task done. Hence, another latest trend is to keep those processes minimal that are required to be fulfilled by the customers.

By simplifying the registration or signing-in steps, you can instantly engage the customer to your website. For instance, today, we see a lot of marketplaces that only require you to enter your mobile numbers or your email address for logging in to the site. This simply takes away the hassle of remembering the passwords or details of their retail accounts. Consider an example of Apple Inc. that has recently introduced a personalized registration and log-in button, that allows you to skip all the hassles. All you need to do is to enter your email address and you are logged in.

3. Blurred & Colorful Website Backgrounds

Lately, the trend of using different gradient styles has been seen to be relevant; and it is anticipated to be a more prominent trend in 2021. Gradients are lighter to be used when it comes to loading time, but at the same time that is complicated to be developed. Formerly, web designers only play amid 2 to 3 colors, but now they are creating the magic with 8 to 10 colors. We have also seen overlay of colors and gradients being used progressively. This erratic outburst of colors and gradients turns out to be very catchy and this is the main reason why many companies are following the trend for their websites.

4. Unique 2D illustrations

Just like 2020, 2D and 3D illustrations are still going to dominate the UX/UI trends for 2021. Although illustrations have now become too generic, they are still being used by web designers. Because, just like minimalism and gradient, they are also helpful in creating lighter and quickly loading web pages; and at the same time they provide more logic and clarity to users.

Nowadays, web designers are increasingly experimenting with unusual storylines, angles, and proportions. For instance, bright or muted pastel colors are being frequently used. Such kinds of illustrations are gradually making a fancier impact. For higher quality pictures, we would recommend using SVG format, because it does not cause any problem to the PNG, JPEG, and GIF image quality even when they are amplified. SVG is recommended because it can be increased and decreased without losing its quality.

5. Voice User Interface (VUI)

Voice User Interface (VUI) is another leading trend in 2021; mainly because of the quick and widespread adoption of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. One thing that has become very transparent is that web designs do not only need to be visually effective to work perfectly. VUI is an internal UI and it fundamentally deals with data context and data synthesis as compared to actual web designs. However, web designers are trying hard to keep up with the pace to ensure that users use YUI more often.

6. Pastel Colors

Pastel colors have become the new favorite of web designers, because of the increased inclination towards minimalism and simple UX designs. Additionally, pastel colors fit well into different designs and concepts very easily. Above all, they set the right tone and atmosphere for various types of websites such as e-commerce platforms and SaaS applications.

7. Mobile-First Approach

Nowadays, there are millions of queries that are generated through mobile phones. People are frequently using mobile phones for almost everything, ranging from searching for a nearby café to find the best hotel deals for their next vacation. Nowadays, it has become crucial that your web designs look good, not only for the sake of your desktop but also for your mobile phone screens. This trend is getting hype because of the ‘Mobile-First Approach’, and web designers are finding it a great thing to enhance user interaction.

8. Glassmorphism

We saw neomorphic as one of the extensively used trends in 2020, considering web design. This mainly demonstrates two approaches for UI development i.e. skeuomorphism and flat design. Both these approaches differ significantly from each other. In 2021, Glassmorphism has gained momentum and this trend is originated from the blur effect or blur background. This designing element made people feel like they are seeing through a frosty glass.

9. Complicated Typography

Every web designer understands and agrees to the importance of the right size of the font for a website, application, or product. Also, it is the font that people usually get associated with a particular brand. For instance, Roboto would not become that familiar and fancy if it was not used by Google Inc. Information written in attractive and noticeable fonts quickly get user attention. This is the reason why using new fonts and complex typography has become the latest web-designing trend; as they make the website content look fresh and entertaining.

10. Immersive 3D visuals

Another graphic element rapidly getting momentum in 2021 is the 3D visual technique. Although it is considered to be complex in terms of development and heavy to be loaded on computers; it is still gaining increased popularity. The increasing demand for 3D visuals is due to the rising demand for Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies.

Final Thoughts

UX/UI trends in 2021 are expected to be a blend of minimalism, simplified user designs, complex typography, 2d illustrations, and immersive 3D visuals. If you also want to create and deliver a unique and engaging interface and web design to your users, then we would highly recommend considering web designing services from Code Creators Inc. has a dedicated team of professional, skilled, and expert web designers that can help you in developing a trendier web design for your business.

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