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Just imagine, you just entered into a new city where you just don’t have any idea of the demography or geography & you find a friend to take you around. Just in case this friend is probably the best person to give you a tour of this place. It I just the best combination ever. Uber has come up with a concept where your driver will be your own tour guide for the city. It simply sounds simple yet very inventive. Let us take a tour of this finest millennial era concept.

Various partner drivers across the exotic cities of the world are going to choose a lucky rider who’s all the expenses would be paid & the tour will be guided by their very own driver-guide friend. Just in case you are planning your next trip, keep an eye on this awesome chance of winning a trip for the lifetime to a city of your choice.

What to do exactly:

Well, in case you are planning your next trip very soon. This is the chance for you to win an exciting trip free from major travelling expenses & accompanied by one of the best tour guides from the city. Keep a close eye on Instagram Page of Uber& track the lucky winner list. You just have to choose a place of the city of your choice & post the name of the place on the comment section. Use UberTourGuides & feel free to tag all your travel buddies there. Just keep a close watch on all the Instagram stories & find out if you are one of the lucky winners & yes if you find your lucky name there than just pack your bags & reach out for the best vacation of your lifetime. We all just love to hang around our Instagram all the time. This is the opportunity to turn that habit into something for your benefit. Whatever may be the case, you love to explore in a solo trip in search of salacity Or maybe you can’t wait to have a fun time with your best buddies.

Free Trip, Sound Exciting:

We all just love to get lucky when once in a while we get freebies. This is just the correct chance for you. We keep a very decent budget always for that lovely trip we actually look forward to having. We put real good efforts in planning & executing our beloved vacations. Many times we keep juggling with priorities & either put away out vacations or just compromise with our spending. It seems like Uber heard about our misery & came out with a solution. They will just take care of all your travel expenses & guess what you are left with a huge chunk of money to spend on just yourself for the choice of your expenses.Use your uber promo code for getting an additional incredible discount. Be it your favourite pass time shopping, you just don’t have to worry. Invest those extra bucks anywhere peacefully without much worry about a spoiled budget. Let uber take you around & you just relax & think about using the saved money. Just be a little more watchful on uber Instagram page & be the early bird to try your luck. Get along your favourite people on this dream tour of yours & make memories for a lifetime.

Authentic Hospitality:

Several travellers roam around the world every year. Some of these people have the best memories for a lifetime & few go back to home carrying unpleasant experiences. Travellers keep struggling to find the most authentic experience of the place they visit. Uber has come up with an absolutely unique concept. Here the travellers will just have one person’s company who will serve both the purposes being a driver to take them around safely & their tour guide to make sure they get to know the place like the back of their hand. These drivers are carefully chosen professionals who are well aware of the place & have the absolute best idea of the local flavours& trends. Do not miss any of the wonderful spots & local food joints which will surely give you a memory of a lifetime to cherish. You can go through various reviews from our several customers about their wonderful uber tour guides experiences & will vouch for the best time they had during the trip. Here the best part is you do not run a risk of falling prey between many people in an unknown place. Just point contact who has it all for you.

Buddy Bonding:

We all just love have a friend who stays with us & at the same time respects our privacy. Well, it’s kind of an ideal situation which we may not get in life. But uber made sure you get a buddy for your next trip that is there for you when you just need him. For those travellers who love to wander around on solo trips will surely gate their perfect partner for such trip with uber tour guides. Many travellers are coming up with awesome experiences of getting a perfect travel buddy during such trips. These drivers cum guides have been people who are just perfect to give you knowledge of the local culture & lifestyle and also can help you fulfil your needs for a friend on the trip. Many times when we are just searching for peace & calmness on trips, they will surely understand your choice of salacity & respect your space. The best thing about having a travel guide in form of your guide is you can actually save yourself from any adverse event & people in those unknown territories.

Uber has been known to provide safe & secure travel solutions to its travellers globally. Their initiative of giving a guide in form of your personal driver is not just unique but also quite appealing. To top up the cake with icing you can be a lucky winner of the free trip as well. We advise you to grab this opportunity without any second thought & have a bag full of memories from your next much-awaited vacation.

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