Twitter Speech Bubbles


Glossy Twitter Speech Bubbles

How beautiful are these ? They’re simply Brilliantly Glossy & Huge !

If youre looking for a beautifully unique way to display your Twitter membership , or are looking to create a Twitter Status Widget , then check out this beautiful set …..

Twitter is apparently all the craze since it’s launch , and the Twitter social media craze is at it’s Zenith . There are hundreds of sites offering twitter backgrounds , twitter buttons and everything Twitter related . Well, here are now some of the most beautiful Twitter Icons to surely enhance your page .

They are glossy , and they measure 512px -x-512px, they are huge yes, however you can resize them to your liking of course by simply setting the appropriate width & height parameters after you download them & upload them to your own image hosting service . The author / creator site is Ben Stock, a very talented Developer & Web designer ( if you care to visit his site ) .

You can download these beautiful Icons below by clicking on the download button ::.

Simply unzip the file , go to your Image hosting service , choose to upload all of the brilliant colored icons at once or choose the color of your choice. Now as far as putting your own Twitter user name on them you will simply need to download the Twitter Font which is called : Pico Font , and you can do so below by downloading the font at the link provided ::

Once you download the font & the Icons , and you would like to inscribe your Twitter user-name on them and you dont have PhotoShop or any other means by which to do so , you can simply use one of the Image Editors offered online for free . The best one for such a task is : My Theme Online Photo Editor Once you upload the Icon of your choice , you can use the top drop down menu which will give you a wide list of editing tools by which to work with . Choose the Draw from the main Tab Menu & then choose Text from the sub menu . You will be taken to the text page , where you will choose the Upload feature so that you can upload your own Font . When you have done so, click on the Text tool again and you will be taken back to the editing page with your image / icon . Where you take it from there now is up to you , Happy Tweeting 🙂 . Enjoy the Twitter buttons 🙂 & Stay tuned , as more goodies are coming near you !

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