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Toronto is gradually emerging as an attractive ground for tech workers as well as global companies. This is because it is readily accepting various technologies including AI, cloud computing, Internet of Things, as well as innovative health care system. Toronto has enabled various startups to compete globally and has also been a host of various technology events. Thus, it’s evident that Toronto has the competitive advantage over other countries for the tech workers and global companies because of its willingness to adapt to new technology.

Toronto is a hub of well-educated as well as highly skilled labor workforce. Right from having the world’s best universities and having the global tech ruling companies, Toronto possess a great talent pool of brilliant minds. Along with these talents, the tech giants are readily funding to various research projects including AI research. These tech giants include companies like Google, Apple and Facebook.

Toronto is a ripe ground for entrepreneurship, helping the business grow and develop and making the societies thrive. Globally tech workers and IT companies are looking for the opportunities that Toronto is providing with the perfect environment to refine as well as improve the technological skills. These tech workers and global companies are expanding their businesses in Toronto. Cities including Vancouver and Montreal stand as a treasure for the developers as well as innovators.

Internet of Things or IoT has paved ways to new opportunities which is further bringing and connecting all the devices. This further making accessibility of information easier. Some of the innovative technologies have contributed a lot. For instance, Beacon, iBeacon, and BLE devices. App developers Toronto are working hard to deploy this technology to the customers efficiently and effectively.

Beacon is low powered and cheap device with the functionality of low energy Bluetooth. It is a Bluetooth hardware whose size varies based on its range and battery capacity. It is in the form of a small cheese cube. Similarly, iBeacon transmits low energy signals with the help of Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. It can send signals effectively within a range of 50 meters. Smartphones with Beacon is a perfect example of the dual technology coupled with unique BLE solutions. Apps based on iBeacon can trigger actions according to the energy signal received.

iBeacon provides an awesome indoor location system. This location system works on the concept of Bluetooth wireless technology. Through this technology, the smartphone can communicate with the nearby devices associated with the enabled smartphones. There are various iBeacon development services which provide updated as well as integrated apps which have high functionality. The developers use iBeacon technology to provide user a high proficiency as well as high quality mobile app.

BLE technology works on low power consumption thereby contributing vastly to wireless communication including IoT. It operates on Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. For instance, if a mobile app is based on iBeacon technology, the user can get a notification of his/her belongings which are specified with the mobile app.

Benefits of Beacon in mobile app

1. Offer value-added experience
Beacon or iBeacon technology embedded mobile apps help to give personalization experience to the users. This personalization experience can also help to connect with different nearby devices. Thus, the Beacon or iBeacon technology can be used for one-to-one interaction.

2. Real-time notifications
It has become important for the developers to provide push notifications as well as real-time notifications in the app to keep the user updated. With the Beacon-enabled mobile apps, the user can get updates about different offers at a particular store or a restaurant. Thus, Beacon stands as a cost-effective solution.

3. Easy mobile payments
Beacon as well as iBeacon technology helps in making easy mobile payments. The Beacon- or iBeacon-enabled apps help to make cashless payments. This function has been enabled by this technology so as to make payments simpler than ever.

4. Checking proximity
Beacon as well as iBeacon technology helps the developers to develop a high-end proximity solution for the users. There are various apps which have enabled different mobile proximity-based solutions so that the users get a good experience of the app.

5. In-store shopping experience
Beacon as well as iBeacon technology can be used to develop retail apps which provide great help in enhancing the user’s shopping experience. These retail apps send targeted information to the users though notifications which help in increasing the in-store shopping experience of the user.

Mobile apps based on iBeacon technology

1. Asset tracking app
Beacon as well as iBeacon technology uses location system to track down the assets of the users which are connected with the smartphone. When the asset goes out of range, a notification is sent to the user and as soon as the asset comes in range, again a notification is sent.

2. Indoor positioning
With the navigation system of Beacon and iBeacon technology, precise location of the asset is sent to the user. People who suffer from visual impairment can use the Beacon or iBeacon-based app to navigate from one location to another.

3. Smart Automation
With emerging technology, various Beacon as well as iBeacon enabled apps make use of Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. This offers a great range of automated solutions to the users. From home to business, Beacon technology-based apps can work smoothly and efficiently.

4. Push driven marketing
Beacon as well as iBeacon technology provides proximity based mobile app development. This can help the business to offer products and services in an effective and efficient way. Also, the business can deal with its clients clearly. Clients and customers can instantly get cashbacks, offers and vouchers when they make a purchase of some product or service.

5. Smart healthcare app
Beacon as well as iBeacon technology merged with IoT brings in development of smart healthcare app. The app can provide instant health monitoring using BLE technology.
There are some mobile app development companies which are developing mobile apps based on Beacon or iBeacon technology. Three of the companies are listed below:

1. iQlance

In iQlance, the app developers Toronto are excited to make use of Beacon and iBeacon technologies. The Beacon technology is being considered as a pudding on the cake. It has made many innovations possible. The developers invest their time as well as resources for learning this technology. They undergo various lab experiments as well as live projects with Beacon which have motivated them to try developing apps in collaboration with Beacon technology as well as smart Bluetooth-enabled app development. This has given them a great level of expertise with good knowledge, high infrastructure with best methods for designing, developing as well as deploying Beacon apps. The keen interest along with desire of developing apps has made developer more innovative so that he/she can upgrade as well as update his/her knowledge with a mix of Beacon technology with IoT.


An Apple-based technology iBeacon has been readily accepted by MTOAG. It is also known as iBeacon App Development Company. The app developers are excited to develop apps based on iBeacon technology. They are using their expertise to develop such apps which can benefit the consumers as well as bring good profit for the company. The developers are working on different iBeacon app projects in different categories like taxi booking, restaurant booking, fashion store, provision store, and the like.

3. Infograins Software Solutions

The app developers Toronto are keen to work at Infograins Software Solutions. The reason is that Infograins consider Beacon technology as “Hot lava cake”. They can foresee their developers with potential innovations by using high resources and investing more time in learning new tools for the latest technology. With Beacon and iBeacon technologies, app development requires good amount of knowledge with massive comfort. Infograins stand out by supporting its developers and encouraging them to adapt to new technology, providing the best solutions to their clients.


The WC and CB Insights issued the MoneyTree Report, the economy coming from the development of mobile app contributes majorly to Toronto’s digital economy. Because of this, it is expected that this digital economy can play a vital role in contributing to the economic growth of Toronto in the near future. It proves that there is a great need of mobile apps which is going to flourish at a high rate in Toronto. There are a large number of upcoming entrepreneurs belonging to technical and non-technical background who are readily accepting each opportunity coming their way to rule the list of app chart.

With a great fall in the technical entrepreneurs, there is an increasing need among entrepreneurs to come up with their own websites as well as mobile apps. On the contrary, there are various non-technical entrepreneurs who are relying on the app developers as well as mobile app development company to develop the mobile apps. Thus, slowly and gradually, Toronto is becoming an attractive ground for tech workers and global companies.

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