Top 8 Things to do during WordPress Website Customization

When you create a WordPress website and use it extensively for personal and professional needs for a prolonged time period, it demands customization. When your website grows old, its ability to appeal visitors and fetch business opportunities for you starts to decline little by little. It is because the taste of the Internet users and trends in digital marketing keeps changing from time-to-time and makes your website old-fashioned.

Nobody likes to use an obsolete website because of the availability of several good options. There is where WordPress website customization comes into the picture. In simple words, it is a process of implementing vital changes like (website structure for your design) on your WordPress website and make it look professional, trendy, and more user-friendly. But, what are the important ways to customize your WordPress website?

Let’s study and find out.

1. Revamp Your Website Appearance

When a visitor lands on your website through search engines or via other sources, he/she looks at its overall appearance. If your site appears good to look at, he/she stays on it, read the available content and take the desired actions. Websites with unimpressive or old design fail to impress visitors. So, they leave instantly without giving any business opportunity to its owner.

Therefore, while customizing your website, replace its old design with new ones as desired by the targeted audience. Consult with a reliable web design and development company or individual website developer and ask them to make the necessary changes in your website.

It should look professional and eye-catching. Don’t use unnecessary design elements, such as too many pop-ups, commercial ads, redirects, lengthy content, etc. A website with minimal, but useful design elements will always attract visitors and encourage them to take the desired actions.

2. URL Beautification

It should be noted that both search engines and people hate default URLs for different searches. Search engines tend to avoid messy URLs while displaying results because they don’t want to waste their precious time by evaluating them using multiple complex parameters. Folks assume long URLs as SPAM links and tend to avoid them as far as possible.

So, beautify the website URLs as far as possible. Just edit default URLs and add useful keywords and terms as per your needs. This will help search engine bots to easily read the website URL and shows them in search results against the entered keywords. Make sure that there is no presence of 404 URLs on your website.

3. Your Website Should Be Responsive to All Mobile Devices

As the use of different mobile devices for internet browsing continues to grow by leaps and bounds with each passing day, your website should be responsive to different mobile devices if you want ample traffic and business opportunities. Google humiliates non-responsive websites with a low ranking in its SERP, which gives slow death to your web-based business. So, while customizing your WordPress website, make it responsive to all mobile devices. You can do it manually or with the help of a WordPress plugin.

4. Make Use of Standard Fonts

The readability of the site content is an important factor. Every website owner wants visitors to land on his/her website and read all available content. For this, you need to use the standard font for your content. It makes it easier for people of all age groups to read the site content easily and take the desired action. Don’t be crazy about comic fonts as they may make your website look unprofessional and repel visitors away.

5. Restricted Use of WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are available for almost all features and functionalities. Both tech and non-tech users of this CMS are crazy about plugins. They use it extensively for WordPress business automation and get some respite in their blogging life. But, be careful as your excess affection for WordPress plugins can backfire you tremendously.

Using too many WordPress plugins on your website can make it slow and its results are reflected in the high bounce rate of the site, decreased traffic and business opportunities, lower SEO ranking, and negative comments from visitors. Just relinquish your love for WordPress plugins. Learn some programming languages to handle your website like a professional. Use only those WordPress plugins that are meant for your business promotion and expansion.

6. Upload Fresh Content on Your Website

The actual volume of website traffic and business opportunities depend on the fact that how well you impress the targeted audience using the content and persuade them to get engaged with your brand. Regular visitors hate websites with low-quality content. Even search engines prefer those sites that offer up-to-date and latest information to visitors. So, upload fresh content on your WordPress website as per your needs and make sure it is free from errors. Google prefers websites with fresh content and show them in its top search results.

7. Proper Placement of Call-To-Action Buttons

In simple terms, CTA buttons are those buttons that instruct visitors on what they should do after reading the content, such as purchase a premium product, sign-up newsletters, follow our page on social media websites. If your website has no proper CTA buttons, its performance is affected badly. So, create compelling CTA buttons as per your specific business needs and place them appropriately on your website. It will boost user engagement with your brand and you will have more business opportunities every day.

8. Smooth Navigation Path

After landing on a website, you have to browse its different sections to read the desired content. If a website has straightforward and smooth navigation path, it becomes easier for visitors to use the website without facing any problem. Websites with complicated or confusing navigation path irritate visitors and go away instantly. So, make sure your website has a smooth and simple navigation path. Provide secondary navigation to visitors if you are running business or E-commerce websites.

Final Words

WordPress website customization becomes an unavoidable need if you notice a sharp decline in the web-based business. Just implement the above-mentioned recommendations while customizing your WordPress site and give it a brand new look to attract new customers easily and gain more business opportunities every day.

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