Top 6 Photo Manager Software You Should Know

Photo manager software helps you arrange your daily life in photo collections and care for your digital memories intelligently and efficiently. The photo management tools are not new. However, these tools provide options that were previously thought to be fictional. For example, Smart Albums automatically arranges your pictures, Remote Albums keeps track of images in networks, and Photos Search allows you to search for photos.
In this article, we’ll reveal to you the top 6 photo manager software that allows you to visualize images, handle metadata, and more.


Adobe Bridge CC is actually a media browsing software for managing and using digital resources of all kinds.

# Manage and edit photos in a group
# Drag and drop files
# Watermark photographs
# Search, rate, and label photographs
# Rename several files by applying a one command
# Manage and maintain panorama and HDR photographs
# Convert graphic files into numerous formats


Microsoft Photo is one of the best photo management software that let you enjoy, manage, share and modify digital memories.
# Automatically create albums which can be modified to include a personal feel
# Browse image collection by date, album, or folder
# Develop, share and surf albums with OneDrive
# The user-friendly editor enhances the photo
# Compare improved picture to original picture


PicPerk is the photo viewer and editing software that works with the most typical graphics formats.

# Transform, rename, copy, transfer, and remove files
# Includes zoom features
# View images as full screen or thumbnails
# Supports formats like GIF, TIFF, PCX, JPEG,WMP and BMP
# 33 Photo editing effects, which includes removing red eyes, cropping and resizing


PicaJet is one of the very best a digital photo manager with highly effective features to meet your requirements.

# Interesting features include photo editing, an automatic import application, metadata display, find photos, search photos, delete duplicate photos; view timeline, and more.
# automatically categorize your photographs using metadata or folders
# Supports over 60 picture, video and audio files
# you can also view photos from shared network resources
# Allows you to create web-galleries and slideshows for photos.
# You can hide personal images for security.


Phototheca is one of the amazing photo manager software that lets you view, search, design and manage your digital photographs.

# The software helps you to group pictures into collections, occasions, live collections, and smart collections, rather than simply folders.
# It features you loads of modifying tools to manipulate photos, search photos, edit metadata, find duplicate photos, and more.
# Allows you to save photographs under a password
# Allows you to import images from several locations, such as network drive Provides various navigation options such as timeline and calendar


SortPix XL is highly recommended photo manager software that helps you to sort photos, search photos, find duplicate photos and remove duplicate photos quickly and easily.
# User friendly and easy to manage
# Sorting functions
# Duplicate photo finder
# Duplicate photo cleaner
# Display of EXIF-data
# Multi re-label software
# Organizing of photograph by particular date
# Set the sequence of photographs in a folder


If you are looking for a simple photo manager, Microsoft Photo can be affordable for you. However, for a user-friendly industry standard, we recommend SortPix XL Photo Manager. You can find more information about SortPix XL at
Hopefully, this informative guide has helped you to find the ideal photo manager that will fit your requirements. Tell us about your experience with these recommendations in the comments section below!

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