Top 5 Reasons that Make WordPress as the Best Platform for SEO

If you have worked on websites powered by WordPress, then it is needless to explain why it is considered as the best platform for SEO. With more plugins available and greater access to add-ons, WordPress enjoys more than 50 percent of the market under its ambit. Not that other content management systems including Squarespace, Drupal or Joomla are not effective options, nothing works well for SEO companies as WordPress. The following reasons help understand why experts pinpoint WordPress as the best platform for SEO purposes.

Customized Permalinks:

Most content management systems do not allow its users the option to edit permalinks. However, WordPress users can click the “Settings” option, thus, formatting it the way they want. As opposed to the permalinks available by default, formatting it to the desired URL by including necessary keywords in it makes it easy for search engines and consumers to visit the website. Websites on WordPress having custom PermaLinks rank higher on Google SERP.

Meta description gets added automatically:

For a website to be optimized and rank higher on various search engines, it is necessary that both the title and metadata contain necessary keywords. As both the title and metadata are viewable, it attracts users to the website and clicks on the same to read its contents. WordPress ensures that every post published on the website or blog has its own metadata describing what it is about.

Free plugins to optimize images on search engines:

A continuous flow of text lends the website a boring look. For this, it becomes necessary to include images that would augment the look of the website. Working on WordPress allows the users to edit images and fill keywords in the “Alternative Text” box. Since most of the times, the image is not displayed, inserting keywords in the Alt text help the search engines to know what the image is about. This, in turn, has a direct bearing on the SEO. The free plugins available in WordPress allow the included images to be optimized.

Greater site speed:

It is utmost necessary that your website opens quickly for your users to read and follow. Some people tend to ignore their site’s speed not realizing that it can affect their Google ranking. A slow site speed implies greater bounce rate and hence a lower rank on the SERP. In this regard, WordPress allows various themes that help in the site opening at a greater speed. If the site speed is slow due to some reason, WordPress can install necessary plugins that are available free of cost and can increase their site speed. WordPress users are able to determine their site speed by logging on to PageSpeed Insights and improve it accordingly.

Linking of the website with social media platforms:

One cannot ignore the role social media plays in optimizing a website. With every social networking platform catering to millions of customers worldwide, integrating the website with social networking platforms enables to be seen and shared on a larger scale, thus, improving Google rankings of the website and vice versa. Due to the availability of free plugins and their relative ease of use, websites created on WordPress platform receive more engagement from its users and prospective customers.

Ease of use of various plugins coupled with their free availability has only made users realize the significance of building their websites or blogs with WordPress that is now regarded as the best platform for SEO.


It is not easy to create a website, especially, for those with no knowledge of HTML or CSS. WordPress makes its task easy and worthwhile. With just a few clicks, one can easily set up a website on the WordPress platform. The inclusion of numerous plugins available has not only simplified the website making process but has enabled users to incorporate themes keeping SEO guidelines in mind.

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