Top 15 Free Ajax and jQuery PopUps Modal

Pop-ups often used to be annoying because the moment you were browsing on the websites to find something, they appeared in between to disturb you. How badly you close those pop-ups, still they came up again to peep you. Though nowadays pop-ups are not much visible except at times, they do irritate you on few sites. But modal pop-ups have made their new entry as they are here to perk up user experience, instead of driving you mad.

Whether you’re interested to exhibit an image gallery, or enhance your website’s subscriber numbers, virtuous model on-click pop-ups controlled by Ajax or jQuery have a significant place in web designing. These are viewed mostly in many of the libraries that can assist you greatly in producing Ajax and jQuery modal pop-ups that go well with your requirements. We’ve offered here some of the top 15 free Ajax and jQuery modal pop-ups that can be used for a variety of languages, technologies and frameworks.

1. ColorBox Pop-up

ColorBox is one the trendiest and flexible jQuery lightbox that has been applied to execute vast distinct kinds of popup windows, and also applied in millions of sites. While writing ColorBox modal pop-up has been used in almost 1.9 million websites. This library can be put to use for crafting modal pop-up windows for any site you are working and in whichever language you are applying.

2. Lightbox Modal Pop-up

Lightbox is the most popular modal pop-up that has been in practice for eight years. This is an original jQuery modal script that has motivated more than thousands of scripts throughout many years.

3. Avgrund- Modal with Depth Pop-up

It is known to be a jQuery plugin for pop-ups and modal boxes. It applies new conception exhibiting a depth between page and pop-up. Avgrund can be executed in all the new browsers and it corrupts in those that don’t hold CSS alteration and conversion.

4. BPopup- jQuery.bPopup.js Model

This jQuery modal pop-up is quite light in weight; that is 1.49KB. You’ll get lot many chances from Bpop for customization purpose that suits your requirements.  

5. ngDialog- Angular Modal

While working with Angular modal, you can get the prospect of utilizing ngDialog, basically a pop-up and modal provider for the applications of Angular.js. This library has no one to depend on, and it is also hugely customizable for your websites.

6. An Angular Modal Service Pop-up

This model is actually described as Angular service. With the means of Angular service, you are efficient enough to craft pop-ups and modals. You can mention the script, and wherever you require it, you can identify the service as reliance and finally instill the Angular modal service in any other service, controller or directive.

7. Magnific Pop-up Modal

The Magnific pop-up is considered as responsive lightbox, mobile-friendly, quick, radiant dialog plugin. This model performs superbly, and offers excellent experience for the users for any appliance [meant for Zepto.js or jQuery]. Magnific pop-up modal provides you with Ajax leaded contents, open inline HTML, photo gallery, form, image, and iframe [Google Maps, YouTube video, Vimeo], and also animated effects included with CSS3 alterations.  

8. SimpleModal Pop-up

This is a lighter jQuery Plugin that offers you a strong interface for modal dialog structure. It even confers you the elasticity for establishing what you visualize, when protecting you from relayed cross-browser problems that are inbuilt with UI expansion.

9. Reveal Modal for foundation framework Pop-up

Reveal reflects as jQuery pop-up modal and while applying the responsive foundation framework, you can effortlessly craft pop-up windows or modal dialogs. Only a small bit of chalk-up is needed for producing this modal pop-up.

10. WordPress-Easy modal Pop-up

Easy Modal is regarded as one of the finest indigenous WordPress pop-up plugins. Various positive reviews have poured in on WordPress directory for WordPress pop-up modal. Within minutes you can compose strong and wonderful pop-ups, and also you can promote your contents like you never may have thought of. The Easy modal 3.0 has converted to Pop-up maker that can convey the most vital, flexible and the best pop-up plugin to WP.          

11. Joomla- Modal Pop-up

While applying Joomla, the native Joomla extension will assist in producing pop-up modal windows. This modal pop-up can even construct better links, and adapt any of the accessible links to a pop-up modal window links on your site.

12. Messi Pop-up Modal

Another kind of jQuery plugin is Messi that exhibits accurate and stylish messages in an easy way. With the help of Messi pop-up, you can show HTML contents, texts, Ajax request and image.

13. Shadowbox Pop-up

This is one pop-up model that is being promoted as media viewer appliance which is web-based, and can hold up strongly all the latest publishing formats of web. The model can exhibit distinct media files, where you can view different video kinds involving Flash videos, YouTube and QuickTime, SWL files and images. You can also select the features that are your preferred ones for ensuring that the downloaded file’s setup and size is maintained uncomplicatedly.

14. BootStrap Modal [custom]

If you are interested in coming across more amount of functions from Bootstrap pop-up modal, then BootStrap modal expands Bootstrap native models to custom models in order to offer extra functions. It includes Modal Manager Class which runs properly behind scenes to hold numerous modals through taking note of their respective events.

15. BootBox Pop-up Modal

Known as a small JavaScript library, Bootbox.js modal can be used by you to craft pop-up modals. You don’t need to be troubled much about the minutest details involving crafting, handling or eliminating the needed DOM aspects or JS event handlers. This is really a simple, uncomplicated modal for your website.

Hence, you can use any of your preferred Ajax and jQuery modal pop-ups on your websites as all the above 15 pop-ups are the latest and free ones. These pop-ups will benefit you for your sites, rather than upsetting you.

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