Top 15 Customer Acquisition Strategies to Win New Customers

In a simple word, Customer Acquisition means to gain new customers. Your business can solely win by doing marketing smartly – gaining new clients in a way that differentiates you from the group and builds a passionate customer base you don’t got to keep paying for each month. You have to execute your strategies in a different way.

Customer acquisition is the lifeblood of any company. It’s common sense. You can’t make money without customers. You can’t grow and prosper without customers. In fact, without customers, you don’t have a company at all. In this way customer acquisition is important and it is underplaying the value of the most vital marketing campaign any business can put out there.

You must have solid customer acquisition strategy, that is an essential component for any business. If you don’t have this, you are going to struggle in a serious way. Actually, doing it well is much harder than that. “It costs five times more to acquire new customer than it does to retain a current one.”

Steps of Customer Acquisition Plan

There are many different strategies that are used for customer acquisition process. The first step of any basic customer acquisition process is to identify quality potential customers.

One client procurement procedure includes contacting potential clients through call focuses and mailing records. These client securing strategies enable organizations to figure out which people and organizations express enthusiasm for or as of now utilize items like those of your organization. Next, organizations qualify the leads a little further utilizing different research strategies to decide the reasonability of the given lead. In the event that the odds appear to be likely that you will have the capacity to secure this new client, his status is moved up to that of prospect and assigned to a salesperson for advance collaboration.

Salespeople also try to identify unstated needs & identify additional needs. They also offer additional products so the prospects see a greater value from purchasing the products they already are considering.

Strategies of Customer Acquisition

The strategies which use for customer acquisition are as follows. All tactics are not applicable for all of you but still some strategies are there which are useful & applicable to your channel.

1. Increase engagement from unopened emails
Increase the number of individuals perusing and connecting with the messages& emails that you send to your endorser list by particularly focusing on those that have neglected to open them.

2. Update and Republish Old Content for a Ranking Boost
Generate more organic search traffic to existing content that lives on your blog through improved keyword ranking.

3. Integrations with Other Products
You can get new customers by leveraging the existing user base of products that you integrate with, offering an improved user experience in the process.

4. Create Co-Branded Content and Share out the Leads
The scale of success will largely depend on how well your product or service compliments offerings from other businesses. The idea here is that you’ll partner with another company that has a large reach amongst the audience that you’re targeting but doesn’t directly compete with you.

5. Build an Inherently Viral Mechanism into your Product
Acquire new users through a mechanism that enables existing users to bring them into your product without increasing your customer acquisition cost by any significant amount.

6. Seed Engagement Metrics on Facebook Ads to drown down CPC
Reduce the amount that you’re paying per click across your paid Facebook ads while maintaining the same quality of visitors.

7. Set up an Affiliate Program
Generate new customers through incentivized referrals.

8. Test Keyword-Level Conversion Rate via Paid
Try to understand which keywords drive the most conversions from search and place more focus on ranking for them in organic.

9. Answer Quora Questions
Generate qualified referral traffic through to your website by answering relevant questions on

10. Build Content off of Unique Data
Earn backlinks, press coverage and traffic to your content.

11. Build Custom Tools for Lead Generation
Increase the number of leads you generate through the creation of highly relevant, self-qualifying tools.

12. Publish Content on External Sites
Increase the volume of relevant traffic to your website, while boosting your organic search rankings.

13. Republish Content to Medium
Give your existing content a boost of traffic by tapping into Medium’s referral engine.

14. Map the Locations of your Potential Customers
Identify the physical locations of your target market so that you can align localized campaigns more effectively.

15. Build a Small-Scale Influencer Referral Program
Grow customer referrals and increase your organic search engine rankings and brand image.

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