Top 11 Key Features of Laravel Framework in 2021!

PHP is unquestionably one of the most famous and extensively used programming languages utilised for web app development that is powering around 20 million web fields. PHP is the best programming language that satisfies the necessities of little as well as prominent businesses.

Its huge community encourages the analysis of programming difficulties and problems in the least time likely. Also, it allows educational blogs, online discussions, and practised theories for hassle-free coding.

And among other PHP frameworks, Laravel is the most common and generally used open-source frameworks now. Laravel is an MVC framework that allows a regulated and feature-packed program for high accomplishing PHP web applications development. This framework is fresh and promising, but it practices a lot of the best methods one requires for its marketing use.

This PHP framework serves the open-source application development requirements of small and enterprise markets. Its broad association support implements an expeditious determination of your programming queries.

In this blog post, we’ll explore elaborative key features of a successful PHP framework- Laravel. It is an extensive framework for PHP and allows a standardized platform for developing web apps.

Top 11 Features of Laravel Framework for Your Web Application!

We are aware that PHP is one of the most used and adored programming languages utilised by programmers, and millions of websites are produced using PHP.

PHP is a highly fitting programming language as it meets the business specifications whether the company is well-known or a startup. And Laravel is one of the most successful frameworks begetting a leading set of functionalities.

Laravel is equipped with well-defined and best features that enable the developers to compose less code heading to less probability of mistakes.

With all of these below mentioned marvellous features, Laravel has exceeded most of the famous PHP frameworks and is the conqueror in 2021.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and explore the 11 key features of the Laravel framework which makes this technology different from other PHP frameworks.

1. Template Engine

Laravel framework is extremely recognised for its built-in lightweight templates that are used to generate wonderful layouts utilising effective content farming. In extension to this, it presents various widgets including CSS and JS code with strong structures. Laravel templates are innovatively created to perform simplistic as well as complicated layouts with unique divisions.

2. MVC Architecture Support

Laravel maintains MVC architecture design which guarantees separate market logic and display layers. MVC model of Laravel has several built-in functions, increases application performance and enhances safety as well as scalability.

3. Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping):

Laravel proffers Eloquent ORM which combines an uncomplicated PHP Active Record implementation. This empowers web application developers to address database doubts with PHP syntax instead of corresponding SQL code. An ORM is comparatively more lasting than other PHP frameworks.

4. Laravel is Modularity

In the Digital World, Modularity regards the extent to which a huge system or application elements/modules may be subdivided into tinier parts and recombined. In Modularity, you can divide your business thesis into various parts which relate to a singular Substance. Laravel presents a modular development strategy in order of pluggable Packages.

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5. Caching

Caching is applied for the accommodation of data temporarily for a while and can be recovered instantly. Utilizing caching can decrease the pressure on the database server. Laravel presents a strong, combined API to communicate with the different caching backends. Laravel recommends caching backends such as Memcached and Redis that are efficiently structured with Laravel.

6. Database Migration System

Laravel migration system benefits to develop the web application database construction without re-creating whenever there is a code change. Because of this point, the prospect of missing data is very least. It not only allows the dexterity to develop the database composition but also supports to do utilising PHP code rather than SQL. Laravel Schema Builder assists in creating database records and includes files or columns quickly.

7. Security

Laravel framework proposes very powerful web application security. It practices hashed and scattered identification devices so the key would never be stored as an understandable syllabus in the database. It also employs the “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” for creating an encrypted signal. Also, this PHP web development framework utilises processed SQL reports that prevent SQL shot strikes.

8. Unit-Testing

Laravel is an approved framework for web application developers now because of the way it helps unit testing. This framework is competent in managing various unit tests to assure that further modifications done by the developer do not suddenly develop the web application. Usually, Laravel used web applications are proficient in solid statements as it is accurate of the known failures. It also creates it simple for the developers to reproduce unit tests.

9. Artisan

Laravel framework allows a built-in command-line device called Artisan which supports automating the big part of wearisome monotonous programming assignments. These artisans can be used to generate the database arrangement, a design code, and control movement so it is a quite easy-to-manage database operation. Besides, it can create basic MVC files by command-line and operate those assets along with their configurations. Artisan even advises developers to build their commands and apply them as needed.

10. Libraries and Modular

Laravel is very common as any Object-oriented libraries, and pre-installed archives are combined in this framework, these pre-installed institutions are not enumerated in other PHP frameworks. One of the various public libraries is an authentication library that includes some helpful features like phrase reset, observing active users, Bcrypt hashing, and CSRF security. This framework is separated into various modules that accompany the PHP systems supporting the developers to create understanding and modular apps.

11. Customizable Stubs

Some of the new Laravel versions give the stub:publish authorisation to distribute the most popular stub for customization. Such sorts of customizations are helpful when little modifications require to be made to the Artisan created files.

The Artisan console’s make words are utilised to produce a description of conditions, and these conditions are created applying the ‘stub’ files and any differences in these stub records can be created working this command. The written stubs are established in the stubs record at the source of the application itself. Modifications are done in the stubs and their similar names produced practising the make command.

Wrap Up

All the mentioned key features present the PHP Laravel framework as an excellent and extremely favoured framework. This framework is a continuously growing favourite among developers and companies for its individual, outstanding architecture, where developers design their base that is specially created for their application.

The Laravel features impersonate a particular role in this regard apart from other services it offers- integration opportunities, safety features, and great assistance from the online population.

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