Top 10 Useful WordPress Plugins for Website Developers

Different companies, firms, tech-savvy individuals use the WordPress CMS to easily build a solid presence on the global internet, attract visitors and meet the ultimate objectives of their web-based business.

WordPress plugins are just like a boon for all WordPress users. You can add almost all features and functionalities to WordPress websites using different WordPress plugins. It helps a lot in easy operation and management of WordPress websites.

Due to the rapidly growing demand for WordPress websites, web developers have to work overtime to complete the web development projects quickly. The pressure on web developers (to create professional, visually appealing and functional WordPress websites) is so high that they often make mistakes while creating websites.

So, they look for WordPress plugins that could help them to complete their assignments easily in a short duration of time. So, here is a list of top 10 Useful WordPress Plugins for web developers. Let’s check it one by one.

1. Theme Check

It doesn’t matter since when you have been developing WordPress themes. Even the most experienced WordPress theme developers make mistakes while creating WordPress themes. If some mistakes in left in themes even after your inspection, it is possible that the official repository can reject your theme.

Users will face problems while using such faulty themes. Theme Check plugin helps you to check themes from all angles, trace and eliminate the possible errors, and make sure your theme follows the latest recommendations and best practices.
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2. Debug Bar

When a WordPress website is run with a business point of view, it eventually demands debugging in order to perform well. If you debug WordPress websites manually, it will consume a significant amount of time. Professional WordPress developers have several projects for WordPress website development, customization, renovation, and management. So, they don’t have sufficient to perform this useful work manually.

Debug Bar is a very useful plugin for website developers. Using it, you can easily add a debugging menu to the admin bar. The plugin shows useful debugging information, tracks your MySQL queries and PHP error notices, and other queries. This enables you to perform the website debugging task easily and quickly.
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3. Styleguide

As a website owner, you have to customize WordPress websites from time-to-time to revitalize the overall look & feel of your site and keep visitors interested in your brand. Styleguide allows you to customize fonts and colors in WordPress themes without editing lots of code. Using this plugin, you can easily choose from colors, different character sets, and Google fonts to customize your website. It also allows you to add support for additional themes.
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4. SiteOrigin CSS

SiteOrigin CSS acts as a great helping hand for all web developers. It allows them to edit the look and feel of WordPress websites in real-time. It performs the code autocompletion, allowing developers to write CSS easily and quickly. Using this WordPress plugin, beginners can easily become expert site editing professionals within a short duration of time.
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5. RTL Tester Mirror by WebMan

Right-To-Left languages start from the right and move to left. WordPress runs in the Left-To-Right mode which creates a problem for millions of WordPress users that read RTL languages. Furthermore, most of the WordPress developers don’t test their plugins for RTL languages. RTL Tester Mirror is a very useful plugin for several people that use RTL languages in their daily life.

This plugin mirrors the Right To Left (RTL) website layout (with the help of a CSS transform) and makes it look like Left To Right (LTR) website. It is also a very useful plugin for LTR language web developers who want to test RTL layouts of WordPress themes and plugins easily and effortlessly.
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6. Duplicator

Duplicator is a very useful WordPress plugin which allows you to copy, move, clone or backup your WordPress easily and effortlessly. It allows WordPress geeks to manage different WordPress websites easily and meet their client’s demand with profound ease. Using this plugin, you can easily pull production sites down for testing and develop them on a local server. For more features and functionalities, switch to its premium version.
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7. Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate Thumbnails helps you to regenerate all thumbnail sizes for one or more images uploaded to the media library on your website. This plugin is very useful in some situations, such as, When you upload a new thumbnail size to your website and you wish to make all past uploads to that size. The plugin also allows you to delete old and unused thumbnails. You can also update the content of posts to make use of the new thumbnail sizes.
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8. WP Reset

WP Reset is a very useful tool for WordPress Programmers. Using this plugin, they can easily reset WordPress to its initial state. It will delete all previous customizations, additions and contents from the site’s database. Nevertheless, this plugin doesn’t erase files that were uploaded to the site previously.
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9. Query Monitor

All website owners need to watch the Queries made to their websites. It helps them to keep the site safe and increase its usability up to a great extent. It is very difficult for a developer to monitor all queries to websites manually and eliminate the bad ones. Therefore, Query Monitor is a great helping hand for them.

The plugin adds a new toolbar to the WordPress admin bar. It shows all Queries made to your website, such as HTTP Requests, PHP Errors, Hooks, Transients, Redirects, Ajax Call, etc. All these help you to debug your WordPress site easily and run it smoothly.
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10. WordPress Beta Tester

WordPress beta tester is an extremely useful plugin for all those developers who regularly update WordPress websites to the latest version of the CMS. The plugin allows you to update your site to WordPress Beta, Release Candidate (RC), or the Nightly version in an easy way. By doing so, you can easily test the compatibility of your theme/plugin with the upcoming version and make the required changes accordingly.
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Final Words:

WordPress website development, customization, migration, and debugging assignments keep web developers busy at all the times. By using the above-mentioned WordPress plugins, they can easily complete various assignments without any flaw and in a short duration of time.

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