Top 10 Must-Use Apps for Moving to USA

The great US experience encompasses a lot of things. USA is a country with about fifty states to explore, past rock deserts, salty coastal towns, three hundred and fifty million faces to meet and more than four million miles of highways. The country has got so much to see and in such places, it is always helpful to avail some guidance.

In today’s world, when people are continuously into the rush, who would come up to you all the time and guide you along the ways. However, a lot of handy applications are available these days that would provide a local insight, meal deliveries, availability of a last minute’s flight or a facility that would accompany you wherever you go. One of the most important apps worth mentioning in this context is the weather predictions and that could be done best by WeatherBug. All these applications are particularly meant to make your trip more appealing.

Here are the top 10 apps that you need to have in order to ease your American experience:

1. Roadtrippers

It creates the custom itineraries and custom maps built around the location of the user. You can filter your hotels, natural wonders and attractions through this application.

2. WeatherBug

This is really an amazing app as it enables you to learn the weather conditions in and around the place. Other than the basic temperature readings and atmospheric conditions, the Doppler radar feature of this app lets you know the precipitation range and thunderstorms so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

3. Airbnb

It is regarded as one of the greatest international housing sites that offer affordable living options along the loveliest places across the city. It is indeed an incredibly useful app.

4. Lyft

It is a ride platform that will allow users to arrange a ‘lyft’ on the middle of the way. You can have a cab delivered to you within a few minutes and you would also be able to check in the drivers’ profile.

5. Localeur

It will assist you to experience the city in the best possible way by connecting you to the local hidden bars, best brunch spots, insider coffee clubs, crazy adventure activities and a lot more.

6. Favor

You must obviously be tired after the regular activities that you have already done throughout the day. Favor is here to rescue you from your tiring trip by customising your food order from the popular food hotspots and the Favor runner will personally deliver the stuff at your place.

7. Lugg

This app brings the availability of options where you can check the truck size and make the payment through the application. It is best suited for making moves at ease by cutting down the boarding complications.

8. Wanderu

It makes your ground travel easier. It works amazingly well if you are planning to move around on a bus or a train. It has become widely popular across places in North America.

9. Tile

It keeps track of all your important commodities do that you don’t lose things in the packing process. The app makes sure that none of your items are lost in the fray, while you are moving from one location to another.

10. Google maps

It is renamed as the ultimate navigating buddy. It is an incredible GPS tool that features all the locations so that you can get all the view points and directions to make travelling easier.


Now that you have got the list of best US travel apps, have them on your device so that you can fetch an amazing travel experience while you are moving to The United States of America.

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