Top 10 Mistakes Game Designers Make

Game designing is amongst the fastest growing career opportunity. With the sales graphs of gaming consoles pointing towards the sky due to the widespread use of the internet; demand of game designers raises exponentially. Though there is a great demand of game designers, there also is strong competition in the market to make a career out of it.

Though there are numerous games coming to market every day, very few deliver what an ardent gamer is looking for. Gamers don’t look for or buy games which are not fun or meet their expectations. Although game designers try to extract the best creative juice in conceptualizing exciting games, but there are many mistakes done knowingly or unknowingly. The most prominent mistakes are:

1. Lack of research

This is the most basic mistake made by designers, by not doing a proper research to find the demand of the type of game market is looking for.

2. Not developing an idea

Most games developed in haste lack the ideology, they certainly do not develop their idea with the help of different mediums like storyboarding, design documents, etc. Making a great game requires a great idea, a good storyboard which depicts the development stages and help in visualizing the final output and proper documentation to weave the complete project seamlessly.

3. Boring Repetitions

No one wants to play a game which has numerous repetitions in form of actions performed during the gameplay. Repetitions simply kill the enthusiasm.

4. Lack of Information

Player always look for information during the gameplay to prepare themselves for future moves, not providing enough clues and information make it frustrating for a player to advance in the game.

5. High complexity

Designers have to skillfully balance the complication of the game. Getting a perfect balance is very tricky.

Players do want to feel challenged while playing the game, but too much complication can frustrate a player. Difficulty levels in a game have to be designed in such a way that a player of any caliber be it a novice or an expert can actually feel it.

6. Absence of provision for saving the game

There are chances that a player needs to stop playing for some while, or just want to save on particular level where he just finished a complex level, killed a monster that is difficult to defeat or captured a territory behind the enemy lines. Not providing an option where a player can save when he wants to can simply be a big turn off.

7. Lack Reward and recognition

Every one of us like getting rewards for what we think is special. Something extraordinary we have done or achieved. During a gameplay, a player also wants to get rewarded in terms on special powers, bonus life, additional ammo, etc. Not providing timely rewards in a gameplay can be troublesome for a game’s popularity.

8. High inconsistency

Inconsistency in a gameplay during levels is a big “NO”; it totally confuses the player and kills the enthusiasm spot on.

9. Unavoidable cut scenes

If a player liked a game in his first play, he will certainly look forward playing it again.

When a player wants to play the game again, he just wants to jump on the gameplay and is least interested in the intros. Unavoidable cut scenes (game intro, level defining videos, player intros) are definitely not what he wants to go through again and again. So, unavoidable cut scenes can become annoying.

10. Lack of faith

While working tirelessly on a game design, a designer faces the problems of rejections so many times. These rejections and difficulties should not hamper his dedication towards the game he is developing and on the whole he should not lose faith in the complete project and always focus on the bigger picture.
Mass demand of games in the market is a strong reason, why we get some useless and boring games. For a game to spread itself among the gamer community and to get the popularity, game designers and developers should avoid these mistakes and flaws in the designing process and in the game as well.

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