Top 10 Free Magento Plugins for Your Business

Celebrating its 10th year in March 2018, the Magento development company has established itself as one of the top-tier web application development tools in the e-commerce business. Being open source, Magento has gained worldwide fame in the online marketplace community as the go-to brand for new and aspiring e-commerce website owners who want to make a stronghold of their own in the online marketplace.

Magento owes its fame to its versatility and its ability to scale to the requirements of the customer. That being said, Magento allows its users to take advantage of its extensive capabilities to further enhance its functionality by adding smaller programs called ‘plugins’. These plugins will help you achieve the desired purpose out of your Magento hosted e-commerce website. Hence, we list down the top 10 free ‘must-have’ plugins for your e-commerce website.

1. ShipWorks

The idea behind an e-commerce store is the customer’s buying a product and you shipping it, but if the task of shipping becomes herculean, then no success can be expected from it. Shipping proves to be an issue for retailers and so to simplify this task, ShipWorks was created. This plugin provides a range of functionalities, from label creation to sending emails to customers and updating orders.
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2. Zendesk Chat

Instant customer service has always been an important aspect of e-commerce and its importance has continued to grow since. Customer service is not only required post- purchase, but also to help customers decide on products that they view. Zopim Live Chat creates a small widget through which a customer care executive can connect with a customer while the purchase is being made for instant support. Its delivery speed and efficiency has brought it to our list.
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3. Fontis SecurePay

Money transactions always come with a level of skepticism, especially when it is online. With an increasing threat of hackers looking for insecure transactions to leech money off from, it is important for your customers to know that their transaction is secure. SecurePay by Fontis provides a safe and secure payment gateway, protected by SecureXML gateway. It enforces data privacy and security.
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4. Price Slider Daffodil

It becomes a mammoth of a task for customers to skim through thousands of products only to find a majority of them to be out of their budget. This cumbersome task leads to loss of customers and increases the complexity of website traversal. To overcome this problem, Price Slider Daffodil comes offers a small widget that can make a huge difference. It applies a slider button which can be adjusted to the budget of the customer, which then filters the products available and displays only the ones which are in budget. It makes shopping easier and consumes less time to look for the perfect product.
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5. SERP Editor

One of the classics and a must-have for your Magento website, SERP Editor allows website owners to customize and display products in the way a customer wants to see them. Being a very effective analytical tool, SERP Editor improves CTR (Click Through Rate) conversions, sales and many more aspects to make your website better in every way. It allows you to edit your data to create concise titles and product descriptions that look alluring and convincing to the customers visiting the product. This, in turn, also helps SEO rankings and driver more traffic towards your store.
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6. Video and Content Testimonials

Revolutionizing content marketing, Video and Content Testimonials allows users to share their views and feedbacks on the business through posting videos on YouTube, which can be viewed on your website. The great thing about this specific plugin is that it provides complete control of the content to the owner of the website, so that they can decide which testimonials to post and post replies to them as well.
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7. Slide Tweet Widget

This Magento extension is quite simple. It connects your twitter feed to your e-commerce website and displays it for your customers to see.
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8. Language Translator

As your website will entertain customers worldwide, it is important to consider language barriers. This plugin allows your website to be translated in different languages on the fly so that it becomes easier for international customers to view your website in their native language.
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9. MageMob App Builder

A Magento Developer recommendation, MageMob App builder allows your Magento website to be converted into a customized mobile app. With a functionality to provide a variety of features, MageMob allows app development for iOS and Android, increasing the span of your Magento E-commerce website to the mobility world as well.
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10. MageMob Inventory

Last but not the least, you can only provide customers with products if you have them, and an inventory system is mandatory for every retail website owner. MageMob offers a simplified solution to all your inventory needs with this plugin. It makes keeping product quantity in check and notifies about products that are out of stock, making inventory one less worrisome task.
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These are the top 10 plugins for Magento hosted e-commerce websites that are an absolute must. You can configure these plugins on your won or hire a Magento developer to help you set them up and have your online retail store running without a hiccup.

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