Top 10 eCommerce Web Design Trends to Implement In 2019

e-commerce markets change without warning. A booming business one day could be struggling to get customers the next. Due to high demand, more companies are getting into online retail. Due to this competition, e-commerce companies rely on web designing company in noida, Bangalore and various other cities to attract and retain customers. It is important that the current trends are considered for your website development in Gurgaon. Understanding the suitability and not blindly following a trend is vital. Regular changes result in better traffic, thus leading to a higher number of customers. Here are 10 of the trending web design trends for you to follow:

1. Interactive Background Design

The background plays an important role in interacting with the consumers. Having an attractive and animated background captures their attention and supports engagement. This increases the conversion rate and grows interest in parallel.

2. Individual Interaction at a Micro Level

Using such interaction gives the users a chance to engage with the website. The other benefits are that the user is informed about the correctness of action at every step, leading to reduced chances of error. For the website, it gives an influential power over the user, so they make favourable choices.

3. Advanced Chatbots with Machine learning

Chatbots have changed with the development of machine learning and do not seem unnatural anymore. Their responses are intelligent and well-informed. Incorporating this into your website gives support to the consumer and an edge over the competition for you.

4. Asymmetrical Broken Grids Layout

This trend, which came into existence last year, tends to break the dreariness of the beautiful symmetrical designs. When it is not aligned, it does not seem messy and gives the website an individuality. Adequate white space and non-clashing colours are the major needs for this kind of layout. It makes it easy to incorporate media and text contents.

5. Use of Variety Of Shapes

Usage of geometrical shapes has been the in-thing for some time now. This can now be extended to using fluid shapes as well. Giving a softer edge to the visuals, it accounts for a more pleasing appearance. Inspired by the natural occurrences around us, it also gives a more material feel.

6. Keep the Company in Mind

The website should be designed while keeping the company, its brands, and values in mind. The purpose of the website is to make it accessible to a bigger audience; the essence of the company must be clear to them. Authentic content adds to the value of the website. The SEO agency responsible for handling your SEO services and digital marketing can help in this regard.

7. Minimalistic Design

An uncluttered website with easy navigation helps the users to find what exactly they need without creating any confusion in their minds. When the website is cluttered, the users are likely to give their search up midway and leave the website.

8. Hamburger Menu

This type of menu, indicated by three parallel lines, is known as the Hamburger menu. Generally placed in one of the top corners, they encompass all the submenus hidden away under the icon, which make it easy to navigate the website without cluttering it.

9. Freebies and Quick Delivery

Customers look for convenience as well as cost benefit while opting for online shopping. If the customers can get free and quick delivery option on the website, they are more likely to choose your website for shopping. This has been a trend in the past and will continue in the future as well.

10. Search Option

When a store has a large variety of products in its inventory, it becomes easier to shop when there is an option to search for the product that the user is looking for. This trend is also not likely to lose its importance anytime soon.

These trends are all worth giving a shot as they will result in business growth. Though the trends are important, it is necessary to take a wise decision in line with your requirements.

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