Things to Consider before Buying Cheap Lamp Again

Click. The movement is quick and simple and not something you think about in your everyday life. Turning a lamp on and off is nothing extraordinary in this modern world but is, indeed, a necessity.

But lamps have become much more than a light source. The aesthetics from a beautifully crafted lamp can catch the eye of everyone in every living room no matter what furniture you put in it. The fact that it can stand in a corner and one minute be surrounded in darkness and the next be lighting up the room banishing the shadows to live underneath the couch is maybe and underlying fascination that puts the lamp in a special position among the furniture in a house.

It is not the only thing that makes lamps a special object. Take the lamps from Louis Poulsen, for instance. Their basic function is to light up a room but they don’t even need light to do that. For example, the PH 5 Pendant Classic White is so timeless, simple and yet so incredibly joyful to look at that it can take a room to the next level. Suddenly, your living room holds a new kind of warmth and coziness to it that no other furniture than a lamp of that caliber can bring to it.

Louis Poulsen lamps might be in the high end of the price scale, and that might scare some people off at first. But it depends on what logic you use when you design your dream house. You might be saving money here and now by buying a cheaper model. But quality and price often go hand in hand, so eventually the cheaper lamp needs to get replaced. Maybe because it is broken, but, more likely, because it goes out of fashion.

The lamps from Louis Poulsen aren’t quick fixes, they are meant to stay with you for a long time. And, at some point, they almost become a part of you. This might sound highfalutin but when you think of your grandparents, or maybe even great grandparents, aren’t their homes some of the first things that come to mind? How it smelled in a certain way, how it was decorated, and maybe how he or she sat in that couch in the light of that lamp reading a book. And that lamp might be somewhere in your house right now.

Furniture and interior can store memories for us in a certain way. Sometimes, when you look at the little table lamp in your living room, a story with you and your grandmother pops up. Another time it is your grandfather who comes to say hello.
Identity is made from the stuff you put into your home and a lamp builds to that identity. Not only do you spend years inside of your house through your lifetime, other people might do it too. So make the best of it and get a lamp you want to follow you for more than a small decade. Find one that can last a lifetime.

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