The Ninja Way To Get Real Feedback (And Cash) From Any Web Design

The notion that all designers are uncompromising Egoists is extremely hard to ignore. That however is not where the strengths of web design lie. Leaning more on research, empathy, proper understanding of the human psychology, irrationality and most important of all education are all the ingredients needed for the Ninja Way to Get Real Feedback (And Cash) From Any Web Design.

First off, it is very important to understand the fact that selling your work as a web designer starts way before the first design that you are working on is deliverable. This usually seems like asking for a big leap of faith from the clients, and if you ask me, that is exactly what it is. Frankly speaking, for them to get on board, they first off have to believe in your expertise and talent. this being the case, it is strongly advised that you start laying the ground work as it will allow for easier approvals once you have done all that there is towards gaining trust and avoiding quagmire while at the same time exuding confidence.

Still on the same note, blow are a few ninja ways to win over clients without bluster, they include:
Stalking them- besides familiarizing yourself with the project and the design team, take time to familiarize yourself with the clients’ goals. The best thing to do is to familiarize yourself with this right before you start off as it will help you feel more prepared and confident. Feel free to dig up any documents, past campaigns, LinkedIn profiles, interviews etc just so you have a clear idea of what you are getting into. In short, treat the whole experience like a blind date an do some serious goggling.

Knowing their lens – clients are different; this is clearly evident from the fact that each will always approach you with a different lens. sometimes it may be “easy maintenance” in some cases it may be a mind blowing new idea etc regardless of what the clients view is concerning your work, it is strongly advised that you present your work in the context of his/her lens.

Go with your gut – more often than not clients provide important input and guidance which when misinterpreted can easily steer you off course. for instance, they main really think they have stressed on the importance of easy maintenance while in real sense they have you thinking a simple design will just do fine.

I’m telling you, this method works incredibly well when you can line up a great design, a great offer, and a great list of prospects. If you’re certain that you’ve taken care of the first two, then you’re ready to buy and contact a list of leads. I’d suggest using Lead Roster since they offer tightly targeted email lists and guarantee their quality. Just go through the spreadsheet you get and split-test sending 2 different variations of a quick, 5 sentence pitch for a total of 50 emails per day. You’ll know after a week or two if this market really cares about your offer, and you might even have some sales. Easy.”

Giving a recap- once you start getting feedback assume that your clients are still clueless and the make them a presentation. make sure you provide a rundown of what came before, outline all the deliverables and most importantly discuss decisions to be made. by doing all this, you will notice that you won’t be getting a lot of conflicting reports on your work instead you will be getting real feedback and possibly cash for the same.

In addition to the above, simply focus on mastering whichever selling style that you are good at and also work towards creating value for clients.

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