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When we talk about social media the first thing that comes to our mind is Facebook and Twitter. In the same way when we say about video platform nothing can be better than the YouTube hosting.

It is found that uploading videos on YouTube produce a better result than even advertising on the most popular media – television, paper media and radio channels. The recent reports say YouTube has around 1.8 million users per month.

Even, all TV channels are using YouTube to upload episodes of all serials broad casting on their channel and promote their channel. Statistics says, 6 among every 10 TV users like to watch TV channels on YouTube instead of Television set.

Thus, if you want to take your business to the next level then you must use YouTube as your marketing and promotional strategy.
Remember the following strategies so that nothing can become an obstacle in the way of your business to grow while you are using YouTube for development of your organization:

• Using the right keywords:

Google has now owned YouTube and using the right keyword in the title of the video will help to list your video in Google search results as well as in YouTube search results that will certainly increase YouTube subscribers for free.
This is because user search videos with keywords and as such if you use keywords in heading, description, and identifiers your video can be easily searched by the viewers.
The more the viewers see your video, more is the chance of enhancing your brand and product.
The best way to find out the most useful keyword is to see the similar famous video and observe the keywords used by them and use such keywords in your tags. In such case the probability of popping up your videos while searching increases.

• Setting attractive thumbnail images:

This is an era of presentation and the better you present your product the more you will be able to attract your customer. Thumbnail plays a great role in attracting a large section of people.
There is no denying the fact that people generally tend to buy those products which appear to be good to them at the first glance.
Those products which do not appear to be good initially at the first look are generally left out by the customers even if they are good.
As such it is very essential to present your product as attractive as possible so that it can grab the attention of the customer. Thus using thumbnail will be a great idea which is helpful in getting YouTube subscribers for free.
YouTube chooses three images from the video, among which you can pick one image as a thumbnail of the video. These three images are those images which you have used at 1/3, 1/2, and 1/4 of seconds/minutes of the total duration of the video.
So, while you are designing your video, you must choose some attractive designs for these durations.

• Adding proper URL in the description:

While explaining about the video description, it is very important that you give proper working URL. This will help the user to search and find your URL easily as a simple click to the link will direct the user to your website.
The more the user visits your website or sees your YouTube videos the more they will be aware of your product or services. This strategy will also help to get real YouTube subscribers.

• Including multiple calling options:

YouTube hosting also come up with a facility of choosing multiple calling options that can boost the popularity of your YouTube videos, of course, if it is used properly. You can also add an overlay text for calling the actions.
The various way by which you can present calls to actions on the YouTube channel are rating the video, following the YouTube video on various social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter, get subscribers or buy subscribers of your YouTube video, linking the videos with blogs and articles, sharing the videos with friends and relatives, etc.

• Many Languages and Countries:

YouTube is accessible over 88 countries, and YouTube has navigation of videos in 76 languages. You can create promotional videos in many languages to target the global audience. With the increase in a number of the target audience, an increase in real and free YouTube subscriber will occur
It shows how big area of audience you can target for the promotion of products or services of your organization.

• Making YouTube a Social Site:

This is a unique but very effective strategy that helps in taking your business to the next level. In YouTube hosting, you will get a facility of inviting your friends and chatting with them. YouTube is now not only a site for uploading, watching and sharing videos; it can also act as a social media as well.

The more you increase your contact on YouTube by adding new friends the more will be the chance to get YouTube subscribers fast.
YouTube allows you to create new friends, send a message to them, chat with them and also can create your own groups as well as join another group. These interactions will help you to promote your product and service with your contacts which will assist to take your business to the next level in an easier way.

Thus, if you are an entrepreneur and want to take your business to the next level you must use YouTube and the above-mentioned strategies for getting an effective result in a very short time.

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