Splitting PDF Files Using Movavi PDF Editor

Odds are you have some eBooks, manuals, or scanned documents that are stored as PDF files on your computer. At times some of these PDF documents may even be fairly large, and yet you may only be interested in a small section of it – or maybe just a single page.

Rather than having to leaf through a document that is hundreds of pages long just to get the information that you need every time – what if you could split your PDF files instead? That would allow you to extract the information you need so that you can access it more effectively.

As you probably know editing PDF files in this way can be tricky, and you may not have an editor that is up to the task. That is why you should try Movavi PDF Editor, as it is a capable and easy to use editor. More importantly unlike other PDF editors it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and yet can get the job done.

To split any PDF file using Movavi PDF Editor, first launch the software and click on the ‘Open File’ button and select the PDF document that you want to split. When the document has opened in its own tab, you should find the ‘Pages’ button above the main viewing area that will open a sidebar on the left with a thumbnail list of the pages in the document.

In order to split PDF pages you will have to first select them in Movavi PDF Editor. If it is a single page that you want to split you can just click on it, but if you want to split off multiple pages you could hold down CTRL and click on the specific pages, or hold down SHIFT and click on the first and last page to select a range.

Once the pages have been selected you can use Movavi PDF Editor to extract them by clicking on the ‘Extract’ button on the right side of the interface. It will prompt you to choose a folder and enter a file name for the PDF pages that you’re extracting.

Keep in mind that aside from splitting PDF files, Movavi PDF Editor can merge them as well. In fact you can add, rearrange or remove pages from your PDF documents, and convert images to PDFs or vice versa.

In a nutshell Movavi PDF Editor will help you to edit your PDF documents in numerous ways that could make it a lot easier to deal with them. Essentially it is a simple and affordable tool if you need to manage PDF documents in an easy, quick and yet effective manner.

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