Skinning FACEBOOK !

Skinning Facebook

Reinventing Your Facebook

With all of the craze & hoopla which has been surrounding Twitter lately , it seems that Facebook has been sort of lagging far behind on the social ratings . It seems that Twitter is slowly eliminating the competition where the socio-game is concerned and it looks as if the Big Twitter is pulling out all the stops in order to get more followers .

Of course , Twitter is somewhat an entirely new diff ballgame and Facebook can be more adequately compared to a ” Social Network ” , pretty much like Myspace , but without the drama & all the dizzy layouts & nude photos of it’s members parading their wares before cyberspace . Facebook seemed as if they were fizzling out there for a while with Twitters emergence , but I believe the boys over at Facebook are pulling all the stops in attempting to catch up with their nemesis [ Twitter ].

Albeit , Facebook has in no way revolutionized the ‘ tweetme ‘ & ‘ retweet ‘ API buttons in any way , however : if any of you have looked closely , Facebook has a big ” F ” button as well where Bloggers can now place alongside their ‘tweetme’ & ‘retweet ‘ buttons – therfore : the race is getting close neck & neck between our two rivals here .

Twitter at the moment seems to be ahead in the race where everything Twitter related is concerned . You have twitter lifestreams ( for your pages/blogs/websites ) , gadgets , buttons, badges , search engines and of course : your very own personal Twitter Background where you can personalize upload and apply to your profile , giving your page view a unique look to it . Twitter has thousands of such sites where you can just go and find about 10 million diff backgrounds by which to skin your profile , so you can just keep switching up your backgrounds as soon as you get bored or simply tired of them , with so many options to choose from it’s no wonder .

Enter Facebook now , back into the spotlight once again – and a ‘ New ‘ [ Old ] solution by which to finally be able to ‘ Skin Facebook ‘ as you would the ‘ Mighty Twitter ‘ ……well….almost like Twitter , but not quite yet . It seems that Facebook is not quite ready yet to make stellar strides in the cybersphere , however : even these tiny baby steps are quite a refreshing change from the ol’ boring pristine chalk white background and that blue line ! ( which I hate since I love COLOR ! ) The funny thing about Facebooks beginning was that an individuals profile was then ‘ Customizable ‘ – and then I one day suddenly logged in to my account and all of the customization features were gone – POOF ! like a cloud of smoke –

However , there is somewhat of a new ‘ Technology ‘ which Facebook has recently incorporated and now using as an ‘ Application ‘ for all of your Facebook profiles , oh Happy Day ! I skinned my own Profile , and I must say : I am happier now that I dont have to look upon that stark white background making me feel as if I have just entered a Hospital ward waiting for Nurse Wretched to appear with something lethal 🙂

If you would like to finally be able to skin your Facebook profile and get rid of the old boring white & blue , then what you will need to do is take one simple step : First , you will have to go to Yontoo and install the Plug In for your toolbar . Once you have installed the Yontoo Plug In , you will be asked to RESTART your Browser . Once your Browser has restarted , you will be redirected back to Yontoo Layers , where you will see the 2 Ads to your right : ” Invite a Friend ” & ” Layer Apps ” . Click on the Layer Apps , and in particular – you will want to go to Page Rage , where all Things Facebook are .

There is for the time being an ample list & samples of Backgrounds for your Facebook profile from where you can choose from , and if you’re not fully satisfied w/ your chosen background , don’t fret : YOU can CHANGE it ! . Now , here is what you should know prior to anything concerning the big ‘ F ‘ : Unless someone on Facbook also has the Yontoo Application installed on their browser -THEY CANNOT SEE your new layout/ Background ! Yep , thats the almost-down side of it at the moment it seems . However , if you do invite everyone you know on Facebook ( circle of Friends ) and recommend they get ‘ Skinned ‘ , then you will have won half of the battle and end up with a pretty decent / o.k , background for your Mighty Facebook profile 🙂 – unless of course : Youre happily content basking in your pristine white background with that blue boring line 🙁

However , if you like all things Art-related , and you want something snazzy or colorful ( there are many themes/ categories to choose from @ Page Rank ) and Im certain that you will all find something suitable or close to what you may like . Take a look at what’s available for the time being , as I’m sure that more & more such sites will be springing up all over the cybersphere and there will be more supply in demand as users will be scouting for bigger , better & more artistic or customizable Facebook Skins in the months to come , so this is just the beginning & the tip of the iceberg as far as Facebook becoming finally [ somewhat ] customizably skinnable !
I recall having stumbled upon another such site , but I cannot remember precisely . I will look into other such sites as I am certain that there must be something more than just Page Rank at the moment . I will update any new info right here , so check back in a few . Till then : Smile & Go Skin your Facebook !

** The Yontoo Application will install what is called a SANITY SWITCH . Once the Yontoo installation is complete and you have restarted , once you land on any Myspace page and you dont like the Layout , the music is blasting in your ear-drum and you suddenly feel sick by that individuals page – then you will now have the power to TURN IT OFF ! Yes, you will see a small little button at the top right corner of any Myspace page you surf through . If that layout is just too much for your eyes – then all you have to do is simply hit the OFF switch and voila ! Generic Myspace page – just like Facebook : Blue & stark White page !
The SANITY SWITCH is not intrusive on your page view , and it only applies to Myspace – no other social site other than Myspace NEEDS the switch ! ( have you ever seen some of those layouts ? SWITCH them off ? I would like to Zap them into oblivion ! ) . Well, I hope you have found this article useful – may it help you get properly Skinned !

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