SEO Techniques to get on Top 10 in Google

Are you facing problems in getting higher rankings, or you may have lost it after Google Updates. Whether you are quite new to SEO or an, expert, it doesn’t matters, I will like you to go through this blog carefully for some great advice on how to reach top 10 in Google.

It’s a cordial fact that many readers of this blog have achieved higher ranks in Google successfully but there are some who didn’t have achieved this mark. After regular studies and analyzing every factor which influence on success and failures of SEO experts, we have find something new which you can utilize and update your blog to fly high. Our main aim is to reveal reasons for which people fail to grab success, what exactly they are lacking , in other words how can he/she do it in a different way toget on top 10 in Google.

Only advice before revealing the mistake from our side is to take each and every step seriously, omitting any one can fail you.

So let’s Begin Revealing Important Factors to get on top 10 in Google.

Step 1. Find out Top keywords

Keywords are an important section of your Website, if you chose those keywords which you cannot afford then it’s not worth going for them. Find out how many links you need and how much will it cost you. This is an important step as it will allow you to choose the correct niche and succeed with them.

Step 2. Ready a detailed link building plan

Before starting anything you must plan your way, a good plan can lead to 50% of your work done, don’t try to get things going in hurry that can surely harm your website rankings. After so many years of surveys, reviews and analysis’s we have acquired so many building plans and developed a free and powerful tool helping you get a detailed professional link building plan as an exact solution. Free SEO Cost Calculator will help you in providing a detailed link building plan soon you will find your way at the top of Google search results.

Step 3. Slow and steady wins the race.

Try to build links gradually and steadily without any hustle and bustle. After getting your link building plan, soon you will start receiving back links. But wait a second don’t jump to any conclusions. Free SEO Cost calculator will let you know each and everything regarding the speed of link building. It is advised to not use more than links a day. Google is really smart and it can identify fake traffics to quickly, and in a hurry if you start sending too many links Google may think you are faking ait and may harm your website. Make it look natural.

Step 4 Links must be surrounded by contents.

Let your links surrounded by keyword rich contents. To make it natural for Google why not surround your content otherwise it may became harsh for you if you aim high ranking only based on backlinks. So your links must contain solid contents with keywords and basically words which you want to target on, it will add more link juice to your links. When you buy a link you can surround it by 500 characters of unique content. This makes your link absolutely normal and soon you will get higher ranks in Google.

Step 5. Backlinks must be from pages having various Google PageRank

Variety is a key to success for growing your ranking among websites. Adopted Strategy is, if your backlinks are based on high and low PR only, it may seem suspicious to Google. It also becomes suspicious to Google when your backlinks come from extremely high PR. So it is always better that your links come from pages with variety of Google PR. Links coming from PR0 and PR1 makes it natural for Google. It enough if only 10% of links come from high PR pages. You might be interested in converting your traffic in to sales for that you can learn about push notification.

Step 6. 80% links to your Home page and 20 % to inner page

If you have a large website with many web pages, 80% of links should be pointing towards your homepage of your website while rest 20% should be pointing towards inner pages in order to look natural to Google. Let’s say if you have any reviews website and you have various posts like review of printers, gadgets, other services, then you must link those reviews of your inner pages too instead of linking only your home page. Always try to maintain the ratio as mentioned. It is generally seen websites pointing their all pages, rank much better than the websites pointing only their homepages. So 20% is just considered enough.

Step 7. Tracking your result

Always keep your focus on improvement of your rankings rather than increase in traffic, because traffic increase won’t be there as starting three of your post will get much traffic. Always keep on tracking your ranking changes, using some tool, Do it automatically but not manually.
People forget these steps and suffer a lot, they find it hard to get on top 10 in Google and getting higher ranks. The most important advice is don’t rush to any decision quickly, which is a dangerous SEO mistake.

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