SEO Guide to Write a Keyword Rich Article for Search Engines

A keyword is the main hero of mastering Search Engine Optimization. If the content is the ‘King’ in getting a good rank in Google Page, Keywords are the ‘Kings’ guards’ who helpto win the battle. Every content developer should master the art of using a keyword appropriately in the content. It is all about the placement of the keyword in the content that helps the website to generate traffic, thereby increasing its visibility on Google Page.

If you are an aspiring content writer and want to learn the skills of producing a keyword rich article, here is the whole guide that you must go through. I have been implementing the same steps to create content and I have succeeded in generating a good amount of traffic on my websites. Read on to know how you can insert keywords in your content for a perfect optimisation of the search engine.

Everything you need to know about SEO contents:-

When I was new to SEO content writing, I wasn’t very clear about the concept of SEO. All I knew was that I have to write contents and insert specific keywords in it. But, I had no idea about what role keywords play in enhancing the business. That is why I was unable to use the keyword appropriately.

Thus, I tried to make an effort and find out what SEO content is. When I started researching about the same, I came to know that in SEO, keyword-based contents are the main thing to enhance the visibility of the business on the Google Page.

Keyword rich contents help in increasing sales by reaching to the customers effectively. When more customers get to know about the business and traffic is generated in the website, they opt for the service. Thus, SEO contents are one of the essential elements of online marketing and profit making.
Now, as you know why SEO contents are essential for business in enhancing the online marketing sale, here is the complete guide to creating a keyword rich content. Read more, so that you can also do wonders with the content and generate traffic to the website.

Full Guide on producing Keyword rich article:-

Always remember that being an SEO content writer, you must create engaging contents using keywords and make sure that customers get what they are looking for. There are specific steps that help you in creating rich content and reaching your goal. Read to know how I have implemented a systematic approach in my work.

Step 1:- Identify your keywords:-

As keywords are the main elements that would help you to generate traffic in your website, you need to recognise them wisely. The first thing that you need to do is search for a keyword with maximum search result using different tools. “Keyword Planner” is one of the useful tools that can help you do the research. According to your business, you have to find out how customers search for the service that you are going to provide. The keyword that holds the maximum amount of search result should be considered as your Primary Keyword.

Use the Primary keyword to create your content. Apart from that, you can also find other keywords related to your primary one. You need to make a list of useful keyword ideas so that you can easily make the content rank in the Google Page. You can use those phrases as secondary keywords in your content. Remember that choosing the primary keyword is the most crucial step as this will help in boosting the ranking of your content on Google Page.

Step 2:- Identify your competitors:-

When you have launched your business online, this is the essential step that you need to take while creating good quality content. Wordtracker is a tool that you can use to find out how many competitors are using the same keywords to reach the same target audience. It will give you an idea of how your competitors use the keywords. Make sure that you come up with some innovative ideas to pull more customers to your website.

I always created my ideas of writing a keyword rich article and tactfully used the keywords. Thus, creativity is the masterstroke that you have to add to your contents.

Step 3:- Create your content

Writing is the primary field where you have to implement all the required elements. It is not only about making the content keyword rich. Apart from that, using a coherent language along with incorporating rare information should be your intention.

Some of the basic things that you need to keep in mind while crafting the content are listed below:

 Be transparent & honest
 Be informative
 Maintain a proper tone according to the form of the content
 Do not stuff the contents with end number of keywords.
 Be specific with the need of the customers.
 Proofread and edit

These are the prime responsibilities that I maintain whenever I write a keyword-based content.

Step 4:- Placement of the keyword:-

The placement of the keyword should be wise and logical. Key position of keyword placement plays the central role in generating traffic to the website by ranking the article. Therefore, the position of the primary keyword should have the best visibility in the article. It is essential to place it on the first line or the first paragraph.

Then, the rest of the keywords should be placed in the whole content. I also put one of the secondary keywords in the concluding paragraph of the article. Always try to insert the keywords relevantly. It should not look like a keyword stuffed write-up. Also maintain the density of the keyword according to the words of the content. According to Samuel Brook, a content marketer of, “Placing the keywords strategically in the content is like adding perfect spice to your food that can bring the authentic taste”.

Step 5:- Promote your content and generate traffic:-

This is the last step that you should take as a content writer. Once your content is created by using keywords, you need to promote the same to make it effective. Thus, you need to publish your keyword rich article in highly ranked content publishing websites like,, etc.

Apart from that, also promote your articles on various social media websites so that more traffic can be generated. You need to find out how you can reach your target audience. Once you do that, you can easily promote the contents and get potential customers to know about your service.

If you are determined to bring authentic traffic to your website, these are the steps that can help you do so. Follow the step-by-step guide and create a fantastic keyword rich content to reach the zenith of success.

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