Recently Released Javascript Libraries for Developers

With the expanded demands for JavaScript, an easier means for programmers to develop dynamic interfaces was needed. Some JavaScript libraries, such as YUI, are classified as frameworks since they exhibit full-stack capabilities and properties not found in general JavaScript libraries.

Some JavaScript libraries allow for easier integration of JavaScript with other web development technologies, such as CSS, PHP, Ruby, and Java. Many libraries include code to detect differences between runtime environments, and remove the need for applications to allow for such inconsistencies.

However, nearly all JavaScript libraries are released under either a copy center or copyleft license to ensure license-free distribution, usage, and modification. JavaScript has become increasingly utilized for the development of user interfaces for applications, both web-based and desktop-based. JavaScript was also combined with CSS to create dynamic web pages, which have also become popular as a more efficient and accessible alternative to Flash-based websites. Below we would like to share 10 of the latest JavaScript Libraries for your web development needs. Enjoy !

1. Draggabilly : Standalone JS Library for Drag ‘n’ Dropping Elements

For anyone in search of an alternative, Draggabilly, a standalone and lightweight JavaScript library can be the right choice. The element to be dragged can be limited to have that feature in a container and there are callbacks on each event (start, move, end) which can also return the position/location of the item. It works in all modern browsers (IE8+) and there is built-in support for touch events.

2. Zebra : Desktop-Like User Interface with HTML5 Canvas

Zebra is a JavaScript library that comes with a bunch of rich user interface components for creating desktop-like layouts. The UI elements are built with HTML5 canvas, colored with CSS and expected to be rendered the same on all modern browsers. There are 30+ UI components including grid, tabs, menu, form elements, menu and much more.
Various predefined layouts exist and any new one can be created with ease.
It has support for pixel-by-pixel painting control, event handling, focus management, Flash-free clipboard management and more.

3. Formula.js : MS Excel Formulas Brought to JavaScript

Formula.js is a JavaScript library that brings most of these formulas to web developers. The formulas are listed under multiple categories like date/time, text, logical, financial and much more. The formulas are listed under multiple categories like date/time, text, logical, financial and much more. Also, besides client-side it works with nodejs (to be released soon) as well.

4. Chart.js : Standalone Charting Library with HTML5 Canvas

Chart.js is an impressive JavaScript charting library that is built on top ofHTML5 canvas.
It currently supports 6 chart types (line, bar, radar, pie, column and polar area) and all this comes in a standalone, less than 5kb package. Colors, fonts, borders and their sizes can all be customized. Also, optionally, charts can be loaded with an animation. As the library is built with canvas, it works on a wide set of browsers, loads fast but lacks interactivity.

5. CanvasQuery : A Wrapper for HTML5 Canvas

Canvas Query
CanvasQuery is a JavaScript library that eases working with HTML5 canvas and adds lots of new methods to it.
The library provides a jQuery-like syntax and methods added are mostly for image manipulation (like masks, blur, crop or fill mask). It also brings blend modes, new shapes, text wrapping and much more. CanvasQuery can be used with or without jQuery, has methods for color conversion and can be extended with plugins.

6. SVG.js : Manipulate and Animate SVG Easily

SVG.js is a JavaScript library for working (manipulating and animating) with SVG without any complexity. The library is standalone, very lightweight in size (5kb gzipped) and has lots of features. There are built-in methods for creating shapes (rectangle, circle, polygon, etc.) or defining images. They can all be animated with size, position, color or any other properties and be interacted with standard JavaScript events. It has support for grouping elements for mass manipulations, filling them is possible and a unified API simplifies working with the library.

7. DeepTissue.js : Cross-Browser Gesture Handling

DeepTissue.js is a library that removes such differences (of MSPointer, WebKit Touch and mouse pointer APIs) and provides a cross-browser gesture handling library. It has support for all the major events like tap, double tap, tap and hold, rotate, scale or swipe. The library is standalone but a jQuery-friendly version is also under development.

8. Instafeed.js

Instafeed.js is a standalone Instagram JavaScript library. It can get photos with each possible method (user’s photos, photos by tags/location/popular) and sort them as well.And for templating, it has functions for easily displaying the meta items of a photo.

9. Howler.js : Javascript Library for Web Audio

Howler.js is a JavaScript library that works with Web Audio API by default and falls back to HTML5 Audio when not supported. It accepts multiple file formats for cross-browser compatibility, has caching and can play many sounds at the same time (it is also mute/un-mute them one-by-one or globally). The sounds can be looped, a fadeIn/fadeOut effect exists and standard media controls are just a part of the library. It is lightweight (5kb), has support for chaining methods and doesn’t require any JS frameworks.

10. Dropzone.js : Drag ‘n’ Drop File Uploads Made Easy

Dropzone.js is a JavaScript library that simplifies creating a drag ‘n’ drop file upload functionality. It works with jQuery and works almost out-of-the-box by giving a special class name to any form. Multiple files can be uploaded at the same time where previews of images can be displayed as well.

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