Re-Inventing your Facebook

Facebook gets a facelift

FACEBOOK is making a Comeback folks ! Yes it is , and this new Plug In Browser extension will help put an entirely new look & feel on both your Facebook as well as your YouTube profiles !
Gone are the Old Boring Facebook Days – get ready to meet STYLISH 1.0.6 and simply ReStyle the entire web with just a few lines of script . That simple !

Now , before you begin Restyling the web & Facebook , you will firstly need to have FF 3 ( preferably) and then you will need to download the FF extension called ::

Stylish 1.0.6 onto your Browser. Once your download is complete ( which should take about 1 minute ) you will be required to RESTART your Browser . Once your FF Browser has restarted and is back in business , you will notice at the bottom right of your FF an icon in the form of an ” S ” . Mind you now , the icon can be anywhere , either at the bottom right or maybe even to your upper left ( since I am on a Mac , I have as to no clue how things spread themselves out on a Windows – however : You will not be able to miss the ” S ” located anywhere on your Browser .

Once you do locate the “S ” on your browser , please click on the ” S ” and a new window will open . It will ask :

  • Manage Styles
  • Turn All Styles Off
  • Find Styles for this Site
  • Write New Styles

Now is where the fun begins ! You may choose to visit the famed USER STYLES where you can choose to read what all this ” skinning business ” is all about , about User Styles themselves and then you can just jump in the Web Styling aspect of it all by clicking on Top Styles where you can type in your search query or just look through hundreds of User Skin Styles from the bottom links ( using the pagination to get you on your way ) .

You can also click on the New Styles , and once again you will see endless upon endless of Skinning scripts from which you can use , switch up , discard and just keep restyling your FACEBOOK & Youtube Profiles to no end . You also have the power to change your GMail , your FF Browser, and just about anything else you can imagine at this point – the possibilities are endless .

The Facebook & Youtube Skins / Scripts are simply awesome ( I have loaded about 10 diff scripts / Skins on my Browser and within this , I can switch up any loaded styles I already have or I can simply go in search of a New One should I become bored with the given skin . My New Facebook looks so awesome , probably the best looking skin / script around , this Skinner sure has talent spinning new skins . Here are just a few of his great styles ( I am presently using the Black Chrome – which is simply UBER )

Black Chrome

Luminous Green

Luminous Blue

Luminous Purple

Fire Orange

Delicious Red

Dark Shiny Green Galaxy

Above are just some of the skins I personally liked and have installed on my Browser for easy access. There is an infinite & endless array of options which you will find on Top such as being able to Style your Yahoo, your msn , youtube, google mail & reader , even tweak Twitter . Aside from all these awesome looking skins , there are an immense amount of user scripts where you can actually tweak your pages suited to your wants & needs . The possibilities are endless and so are the skins & scripts !

All you will need to do once the Plug In is installed / restarted and you now see the ” S ” Logo / button at the bottom of your Browser , you will need to click on that ” S ” . The instructions are mentioned above . This is so easy to install , look for the skin you like , and then simply click – copy the script from the ” SHOW CODE ” button on UserStyles.Org , copy from one source ( skin / script ) , and paste into the new POP UP Box which will appear once you click on the ” S ” at the bottom of your Browser , and choose to either Run a script on the particular URL youre on , the website itself , or simply elect to install a new script – and NAME it ( a Title ), give it tags , and hit the SAVE .

Then simply watch your new skin take over your User Page / Profile – its that simple ! I love my new pages/ sites With this user script and browser add on , everything is now once again WEBTASTIC ! There are even scripts in which you can run a script on Blogger and simply change a few things such as your dashboard by tweaking it a bit and giving it smooth edges , rounded corners , sleek rounded tabs , and the main Font Face which just does in fact make my Blogger experience somewhat nicer .

There are also scripts where you can personally tweak & style UserStyles itself ( and of course : I did not allow that to stop me ! ) The Web is now within your grasp to Style , Restyle , Tweak , manipulate and just make it to your own liking and as you see fit . The possibilities are indeed endless , so Style to your hearts content !
Installing the scripts & loading the skins is so easy – probably easier than writing an email ! So, what are you waiting for ? Get Skinning ! – but prior to doing anything , please make sure you have read and understood everything involving the process , and if you dont – then you can post any questions you may have and I will respond to your inquery & if I can be of any help in your plight of getting Skinned !

** Please Note : No one aside from you are able to see your Restyled Pages / Social Sites / and just about everything you install . Once again , ( as I had mentioned in my last post ) , the almost – down side to all of this Skinning & Customization , and user scripts & tweaks – NO ONE aside from YOU are able to see them . The UpSide to all this is : Some really great skins & tweaks by which to make YOUR OWN web browsing experience that much NICER and not have to worry about how everyone else is perceiving the web – just as long as you’re getting your graphics & scripts on and youre happier than a clown 🙂 so have a great time tweaking your WEb experience .

Till then , keep smiling & GET skinned 🙂

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