Proper Strategizing Required to Use Social Media for Increased Traffic

Without a proper strategy in place and followed you will hardly get the desired traffic to your site. If you are a social media buff then you will surely know the power of the different social media channels but if you are not then you are surely missing out a huge lot of opportunities for your business.

Strategic use of these social media channels whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, will ensure that you reach out to your group or community members or followers for Instagram and showcase your product, services or skills. For this, you will need to follow specific processes and one of the most significant one is to identify social media influencers and collaborate then on your business marketing campaigns.

Given the fact that you are into 2019, a year where a lot of influence of social media is expected in the business marketing arena, you should not stick to your Facebook or Twitter accounts or even the Instagram hashtags for that matter. You will have to look over and beyond that and think out of the box to make your product or services stand apart from the rest in the crowd.

Judge the competition

Modern business world is highly competitive and to stay in the race and that too well ahead of others in it, you will first need to understand the composition of your brand. This will help you to choose the right social media channel that will be useful for your specific product and type of business. Since the requirement and functionality of each social media marketer as well as the channel is different, you must have a plan and determine your approach properly.

For this you will have to follow a few basic elements of composition so that you can create a feeling of visual harmony when the user looks at your content. A few of these important and basic elements are:

• Backgrounds
• White space balance
• Dominant colors and
• Subject.

Any brand that is focused on the aesthetic aspect of it and maintains it continually in a well-organized and in a clearly defined way will surely have the taste of success sooner than later.
Therefore, you will need to make sure that your content on the social media channels or even the Instagram feed for that matter is filled with the most basic and useful elements such as:

• Photos that are of high quality and have proper relevance with your brand and product
• Videos which are not only short and relevant but also intuitive, instructional and interesting
• Useful and relevant GIFs that have a simple background and
• A content that is full of bold and specifically one dominant color that will not overshadow the text, graphs, and other elements in the content.

If you ensure these in the right way then you can rest assured that your subject will stand out from the rest in the crowd.

Invest in creative tools

There are lots of creative and useful tools available on the internet both as free as well as in paid version that you should know, understand and use it in a perfect way to make your social media contents and your marketing efforts useful and highly productive. These tools will help you to create contents that are unique and will surely drive more traffic to your business site.

• Do not hesitate to invest in such tools if you have too because these tools will ensure that your texts, photos, and videos are properly edited and the effects fit in well to showcase the aesthetic of your brand.

• Also, make sure that you always keep your content consistent visually as well as make sure that it is highly informative for the visitors. Remember, brand aesthetic and informative contents are the two most significant factors that will provide brand inspiration and in turn result in more traffic. This will make the people to come back for more.

It is always the best practice to avoid being complacent with your content. Instead, make sure that you try newer and better things and change your approach, outlook, and presentation frequently. This will keep things interesting for the visitors with everything correctly set and located according to the right dimensions and in the best possible manner.

Use Instagram to its best

In order to get more traffic to your site, there is no better social media channel than Instagram. Not only this is the most popular and used channel with over 800 million monthly active users but there are several useful features and tools such as VSCO and After light that will help you to craft contents that are unique and high in appeal.

This channel will always keep you a step ahead of your competitors with more possibilities of traffic and conversion. All you have to do is select the right photo to post, use the most relevant hashtags and put in the most appealing captions to your photos.

• It is very important that you put in the most effort into your captions because of the approach of each writing an Instagram caption will vary.
• You will need to make sure that you stick to the requirements of Instagram such as the 2,200 characters limits for the captions and keep it truncated with an ellipsis after every three lines of text.
• When you write your captions make sure that you include the most important portions of your message within the first three lines.
• Also, make sure that you use your captions in such a way that it is able to keep the attention of the users and also inspire them to take the necessary action Justas you want such as clicking on the link to visit your business site to know more about your product or service.

It is also important that you never skip captions as these are the most essential part of your post. These captions help a great deal to feed into the story of your brand. Typically, a great image with a good story will perform much better than those without any.

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